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Pinned*** UNIVERSAL FAQ ***
Pinned(P) Native explore websites outside USA/Canada «1 2 3 »
Pinned(P) Active Utility Tunnels - a Primer

(P) Looking for fellow explorers in France
(P) What do you prefer: Rural or Urban?
(P) Urbex Greece - near a university
(P) Greece/University/Service tunnels
(P) Japan - Medical Places x 3
(P) Costa Rica - Cave of Death. Example of bad air in drains & caves
(P) Urbex in Maui, Hawaii?
(P) Big drain under a german city
(P) In Greece for a week on Semester at Sea! Need Recommendations!
(P) Gypsies
(P) Greece Hotel 1
(P) Southeast Asia's most famous abandoned waterpark
(P) Urbex in Victoria, Australia
(P) Japan - Aokigahara - and surrounding.
(P) Another vintage Japan urbex visit-- love hotel
(P) Church in the Cuban Countryside
(P) Mysterious radio facility way outside Beijing
(P) Philippines - Corregidor - yes from WW2
(P) Shougang: Iron and Steel Plant the Size of a City
(P) Paris tunnels cycling
(P) Any Explorers in United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Saudi Arabia?
(P) Abandoned radarstation in belgium
(P) My first urbex at Nara Dreamland (RIP) so long ago «1 2 »
(P) Cougars
(P) Any local explorers?
(P) Water Park and Museum (Kyoto, Japan)
(P) Mermaid-o-rama Thatched-roof Beach Resort
(P) Halloween
(P) Hold your tongue and say "I was born on a pirate ship"
(P) Berliner Luft und Badeparadies (BLUB), Berlin - July 2015
(P) Spreepark, Berlin - July 2015
(P) Philippines Summer Trip 2019
(P) Dreadnought - A massive underground retention tank in Australia
(P) Rotterdam - nothing special
(P) UrbexArt: new Instagram/YouTube/FB urbex account
(P) ghost tower in bangkok
(P) Spring in Iceland
(P) Euro Trip
(P) Paris Catacombs
(P) WWII Bunker I found in 2015
(P) An abandoned resort I found in mexico!
(P) Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
(P) Any explorers in/around Istanbul, Turkey
(P) First time exploring what I thought was an abandoned building in Lithuania
(P) Giant Metal Ship from 1912 | Iceland
(P) "Steel Side"

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