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post by Roro   |  | 
Urbex Greece - near a university
< on 2/2/2023 7:45 PM >

Today I would like to share with you a visit i made next to a public university. The land was divided in sections strangely and was not completely separated from the university. Because of the findings and the location itself i believe the whole place was a property of the government like the university next to it.

I apologize for my english in advance.

This is the wall i had to climb to get in there from the inside.

There I found this storage room. As you can see there is some forgotten medical equipment.

After exiting the storage room I could hear some voices, and they were obviously coming from behind the fence you can see below. People were there working. I was not seen by them. I tried taking some photos from the surrounding, focusing on the abandonment:

I planned to leave the same way I went in (jumping the wall) but it was very tall, unstable and more difficult to jump from the inside, so I decided to introduce myself to the people i was hearing and ask for a safe exit. They were pretty chill.

After that i entered the next weirdly separated abandoned place from a different entrance. There was a huge land with unconditioned trees and buildings. I could not take many pictures because at some point a homeless looking person appeared and nervously asked me to leave.

The last photo shows an installation in the building for animal farming.

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post by YoelT   |  | 
Re: Urbex Greece - near a university
<Reply # 1 on 2/4/2023 6:47 AM >

Nice explore. That car and well in the overgrown area look really cool, wish you could have spent more time there.

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post by Weekend Assassin   |  | 
Re: Urbex Greece - near a university
<Reply # 2 on 3/21/2024 11:41 AM >

Greetings! (A fellow Greek guy saying hi)

So, i did some digging regarding your photos, and more specifically regarding that shipment crate.

From what I researched and could deduce, the Keidel tube was developed in 1920, so the packages were definitely shipped after that.
My guess is that, unless the site you visited is some kind of central medical facility, the crate was forwarded from one, and originates form the US, Canada or UK, based on the inscriptions and the word "dozen".

I couldn't really find anything about a Central Public Health Laboratory, especially on US soil, so I presume it is a translation of the Greek equivalent, word to word translation [Source 2].

Other than that, I'm interested in learning more about the location.


[1] https://americanhi...tions/nmah_1003975
[2] https://eody.gov.g...osias-ygeias-kedy/

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post by telefontubbie   |  | 
Re: Urbex Greece - near a university
<Reply # 3 on 4/6/2024 10:04 AM >

I'd like to see more of places in Greece, keep on posting.

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