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Greece/University/Service tunnels
< on 3/31/2024 9:08 AM >

[Book writing style engaged]

So, once upon a time I timidly peaked at this rusty, dark, liminal place.
Ever since, I'm venturing deeper and deeper into the guts of this underground monstrosity
Here are some photos (in random order) I 've gathered from my ventures
My current goal is to find a way around the tunnels to reach a nearby facility, inaccessible from ground level.

Cheers ^_^

450717.jpg (83 kb, 495x372)
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450718.jpg (79 kb, 495x372)
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450719.jpg (57 kb, 495x372)
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450720.jpg (54 kb, 495x372)
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450721.jpg (88 kb, 495x372)
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450724.jpg (86 kb, 495x372)
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