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(P) Gripper Drain, Manchester, UK
(P) Madrid, Espa´┐Ża
(P) The crazy ceilings' Palace
(P) Hotel Centennial
(P) Monster Mansion
(P) Meanwood Beck, Leeds, UK
(P) The Motherland Calls
(P) Wigston Swimming Pool, Leicestershire UK
(P) Methwold Cottage, Norfolk UK April 2014
(P) Ladybower Reservoir, UK
(P) The Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot UK April 2014
(P) The Plughole, UK
(P) Brindle Service Reservoir, UK
(P) Easturbex 2014 trailer featuring some of New Zealand's sweetest north island locations
(P) Roundhay Park, Leeds, UK
(P) The Towers Hospital Leicester, UK 2013
(P) The North Wales Lunatic Asylum UK April 2012
(P) Central Hershey sugar factory, Cuba
(P) Abandoned chocolate factory in northern Germany
(P) Greenbank synagogue, Liverpool UK
(P) Wigan tunnels - uk
(P) Unfinished villas in Cyprus
(P) Urbex Bloopers Compilation 2013
(P) Powerplant IM Belgium Feb 2014
(P) The Haymarket Theatre, Leicester UK Feb 2014
(P) Triage-Lavoir de Peronnes - Belgium, Feb 2014
(P) Stockport tunnel- UK
(P) Data Party - ABRI Lefebvre, Paris, January 2014
(P) The derelict mansions on Britain's 'Billionaires' Row'
(P) Out of print, UK
(P) Engine Factory in Warsaw
(P) Collyweston nuke storage site - UK
(P) Holland to Belgium Anyone?

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