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post by Roro   |  | 
< on 3/1/2023 7:44 PM >


Today I happened to walk near the last abandoned I visited in January. I was shocked to see that it had just been demolished. The heavy vehicles were still there ready to collect the debris. I felt really lucky that I just made it to see this place.

The place was in a busy city area, in a big field between two roads.

1) Here is the view from the middle of the field

When I spotted the place it seemed completely abandoned but when i arrived on that Saturday it was obvious that people were living there. I assumed they were, gypsies (People with no property, or badly preserved property. You can spot them in Greece selling balloons in the center of the city, trying to sell you flowers or tell you your future, and selling stolen items. They are also known for their illegal actions. Of course there must be exceptions).

I realized the danger but in my mind the visit just became more exciting. I stayed still and tried to hear the surrounding. I heard or saw no sing of people so I entered their place.

Here are my favorite photos of the place




And here are some photos less artistic and more indicative of these people lives. They had a tendency to collect items, and there was a lack of basic furniture.







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