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Pinned(P) UE & The Law (Maritimes, Prairies & Territories)  1 2  

(P) Burned Warehouse on Point Douglas in Winnipeg
(P) Abandoned mine in Nova Scotia
(P) A bit of a fix'er up'er
(P) Looking for some other UE peeps on the South Shore, NS
(P) Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016
(P) Southern Saskatchewan Ghost Towns and Hamlets
(P) St. Patrick's-Alexandra School Pictures
(P) A house in the south end of Halifax
(P) info on st patrick's alexandra school?
(P) Cave in Nova Scotia
(P) Exploring Geizer's Hill. In Halifax, Nova Scotia.
(P) Hudson Bay Mine Salmon Bc
(P) Abandoned driving range in Halifax, NS
(P) Old crates and tools/rubble around them.
(P) Abandoned Prairie Sentinel / On the Road in Saskatchewan
(P) Memorial University Utility Tunnels
(P) Exploring in Miramichi NB
(P) Climbing fire towers of Saskatchewan
(P) Its funny the stuff you find when you are not looking
(P) Abandoned Aircraft Hanger - NL
(P) Went back to school today!
(P) All thats left
(P) Easy Access to Bunker in NS
(P) This school, spider and bird heaven
(P) How are they aging?
(P) ns factory
(P) Abandoned RCAF Radar Station [Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia]
(P) The maid doesn't come around anymore
(P) Closest thing to a skyscraper we have  1 2  
(P) Windsor Textile Factory
(P) Halifax Meet Discussion  1 2 3 4 5  
(P) Redneck prairie mansion
(P) The scream house
(P) Trans-Atlantic Station, Nova Scotia
(P) Potash mining the life blood of Saskatchewan
(P) Abandoned warehouse in Regina!
(P) Old familiar location. New photos.
(P) New brunswick or Gaspesie anyone??  1 2  
(P) Rural Saskatchewan Homesteads
(P) New Brunswick area?
(P) Exploring Saskatchewan  1 2  
(P) Any fans of the Trailer Park Boys? I found the now-abandoned set from Season 10, incl Ricky's and Julian's trailers!
(P) Abandoned? Oil refinery in Sask. (photo heavy)
(P) Bells Corners
(P) Questions about Aisle au Haut, NS

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