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post by Spook13   |  | 
< on 6/2/2023 4:13 PM >

i know they're happening all across canada but i just want to say i hope anyone living close to an active burn is safe and doing as well as they can right now. if anyone has any helpful resources feel free to link them in the replies ! stay strong folks <3

also please remember most places currently have a ban on being in the woods so be mindful of that if you're exploring during this time

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post by Whyshy    |  | 
Re: Wildfires
<Reply # 1 on 6/12/2023 4:24 PM >

After noticing activists were starting several fires: The public gardens ice cream building started twice, a yatch club and several more but generally semi historic buildings I have questions. So far weve only had 2 fires in the direct halifax area that were large scale in my lifetime. The other one was in Porters Lake it jumped the highway which was 4 lanes. Strange to me how much more vandalism and firestarting is going on right now. The public gardens had their fences vandalised and many trees as well before the fires.

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