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UER Mobile > Canada: Other > Halifax Defence Complex (Viewed 496240 times)

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Re: Halifax Defence Complex
<Reply # 380 on 5/29/2016 1:47 AM >

Posted by tribeachpunk
I wish I could edit this into my original post.

  • Fort Needham (now Fort Needham Park, part of Halifax Explosion Memorial)
  • HMC Dockyard
  • Fort George (Citadel Hill)
  • Fort Massey (Once located in the vicinity of South & Queen)
  • Fort Ogilvie (Located in Point Pleasant Park)
  • Prince of Wales Tower (Located in Point Pleasant Park)
  • Cambridge Battery (Located in Point Pleasant Park)
  • Point Pleasant Battery (Located in Point Pleasant Park)
  • Connaught Battery (Located at Fergusons Cove, north of York Redoubt)
  • York Redoubt (Located at Ferguson's Cove)
  • Practice Battery (Was once located just north of Sandwich Point)
  • Sandwich Point (Located near Herring Cove, south of York Redoubt)
  • Camperdown (Located near Duncan Cove)
  • Fort Chebucto (Located near Duncan Cove, at Chebucto Head)
  • Fort Charlotte (Located on Georges Island)
  • Fort Clarence (Located directly across the harbour from Georges Island)
  • Fort Ives (Located on McNabs Island)
  • Fort Hugonin (Located on McNabs Island)
  • Sherbrooke Tower (Located on McNabs Island)
  • Strawberry Hill (McNabs Island)
  • Fort McNab (Located on McNabs Island)
  • Devil's Point Battery (Located on the CFB Shearwater military base golf course)

And this isn't even all of them.

I can't wait to get out to McNabs..!

A great thread tribeachpunk
Military bunkers are way cool.

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post by rampantscyther   |  | 
Re: Halifax Defence Complex
<Reply # 381 on 6/8/2016 5:06 AM >

this has more views then I've ever seen on this site before! crazy. would love to explore a place like some of those one day!

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post by goon1   |  | 
Re: Halifax Defence Complex
<Reply # 382 on 11/24/2018 5:50 PM >

Man I am bummed I don't live in Halifax, those are amazing spots compared to Atlanta, Georgia. These spots are good enough that I may have to eventually take a trip up to Canada and check them out.

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post by Whyshy    |  | 
Re: Halifax Defence Complex
<Reply # 383 on 8/27/2019 5:08 PM >

arent these museums though or does uer just cover everything

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post by Whyshy    |  | 
Re: Halifax Defence Complex
<Reply # 384 on 9/11/2019 9:02 PM >

Quick little York Redoubt trip. Never again will I use my phone camera for anything haha.
433927.jpg (91 kb, 1247x941)
click to view

433928.jpg (96 kb, 1242x1530)
click to view

433929.jpg (90 kb, 1244x1063)
click to view

433930.jpg (90 kb, 1280x960)
click to view

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post by tribeachpunk   |  | 
Re: Halifax Defence Complex
<Reply # 385 on 9/19/2019 3:13 AM >

Not exactly a museum, eh?

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