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UER Mobile > Canada: Other > Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016 (Viewed 10007 times)

post by FoMoCo   |  | 
Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016
< on 3/17/2017 2:58 AM >

Coordinates: 50.391753, -105.523875

In 1968 the Union Hospital in Moose Jaw opened, replacing the old Providence Hospital.
In late 2015 the current hospital opened, and the Union hospital closed and was demolished in a matter of months, I was shocked at how fast they brought it down. Shortly after closing, it was boarded up tighter than a bull's ass in fly season. Impenetrable. The city police also patrolled it heavily. (But not heavily enough.)
The demolition crew took over shortly after and created several points of entry. It was finally the moment we were waiting for, so we decided to take a gander before the property was leveled. I never brought my DSLR with me for some reason. I'm still regretting it, and only have shitty phone pics.

It was a huge building; we spent about 4 hours inside, and never stepped in the same place twice, it felt like it went on forever. 7 stories tall, and about the size of a city block, tons of corridors, and countless rooms, Like most hospitals, it had a power plant separate from the main structure, there was about a 200ft steam tunnel going from the power station under the parking lot to the basement of the hospital, a great POE.

Highlights included:
-The air purification ductwork room.
-Steam tunnel.
-Elevator utility rooms.
-Huge kitchen, full of equipment.
-Medical surplus leftover from the auction of super cool medical equipment.
-The morgue.
-Operating rooms.
-A rooftop view of Moose Jaw.

As usual I have a shitload of photos, however shitty ones.
Our photos were taken in April 2016, on a weekend when the crews were off.


Google Street view image from 2009 of the main entrance.


Google Street view image from 2015 of the south face, and power station to the right.


Google Street view image from 2015 of the main entrance.


An archive image of the Union Hospitals south face, similar to photo #2.


South facing wall viewed through the power station window.


Small wing already demolished.


View from an office.


Gutted main floor.


Gutted main foyer.







Children's wing


Water damage.


Water damage.


More gutted rooms.



Hallway to one of the wings that was demolished.




One of four operating rooms.



Taking a quick snapchat looking out from one of many stairwells.


Top floor with a great view, our favorite rooms in the building, as seen in the top of photo #5.


View from the top floor.


View from the top floor.


Looking down high street.


View from the roof of the elevator utility room, the highest point of the hospital.


Going back downstairs, we were on a mission to find the morgue!


Elevator shaft.


The ambulances drive down a ramp and drops patients off in the basement, this was that entrance.


Finally found what we were looking for!


Being in the morgue was the only time things felt creepy


This was in the hall near the morgue.


Steam tunnel out to the power station.


A few days after our explore.

The police issued several trespassing citations to anyone on the premises, and it always seemed to be in the news, thankfully we lucked out, and got away with some photos, and a great explore.

This was the first large place I explored. Although it was more like exploring a construction site rather than an abandoned building, it was still worth it, I'm not complaining it was one of the best places I've done. I really wish I could do it all over again, this time with my DSLR.

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post by SaladKing   |  | 
Re: Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016
<Reply # 1 on 3/19/2017 2:32 AM >

Even without a DSLR it's great that you got in and got shots during the short windows before it came down. Why was there water everywhere? Removed/broken windows? There didn't seem to be water in the other areas.

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post by FoMoCo   |  | 
Re: Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016
<Reply # 2 on 3/19/2017 5:53 PM >

The demo crew removed all of the windows in the building...then in rained...Most of the upper floors were the wettest believe it or not.

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post by blackhawk   |  | This member has been banned. See the banlist for more information.

Re: Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016
<Reply # 3 on 3/19/2017 5:57 PM >

Nice last minute explore
Unfortunately as you witnessed it turns into a mess once the demo gets going...

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post by FoMoCo   |  | 
Re: Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016
<Reply # 4 on 3/19/2017 6:06 PM >

It was worth our time for sure. I still cant believe how fast a building that size can just disappear in 2.5 months. I'm glad I we made use of the opportunity.

Here are some other photos, not taken by me.


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post by Cor726   |  | 
Re: Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016
<Reply # 5 on 3/20/2017 3:19 PM >

FYI - Union didn't replace Providence. Providence operated until the early 1990's until government cutbacks finished it off. Moose Jaw probably didn't need 2 hospitals anyways.

Very different experience for you at Union vs the mess that Providence was. Union was so quickly demo'd while Providence sat abandoned for over a decade.

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post by thegreatsloan   |  | 
Re: Large Hospital in Moose Jaw Sask. Union Hospital 1968-2016
<Reply # 6 on 3/25/2021 11:02 PM >

This hospital was officially opened in April 1906 (i.e. not in 1968) under the name Moose Jaw General Hospital, located at 455 Fairford Street East. It wasn't until 1953 that its name was changed to Moose Jaw Union Hospital. Union hospital was NEVER known as Providence Hospital. Providence Hospital was an entirely different hospital which was located on Moose Jaw's south hill at 201 Lillooet Street East. Providence Hospital was officially opened in September 1917, closed in 1995, and demolished in the autumn of 2006.

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