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No Punch Backs
Abandoned bridge
loss of objectivity
Newbie here with a newbie pictures
"Olde" Style Houses
Post Moved To photography
My First Attempt at Editing
Hospital Tunnel
Photography Tips!!!!
Tennessee Silo
4 Perspectives - Framing my shots
No more laundry
Inside the Clock Tower
Abandoned in Tennessee (Steam Plant)
Whatcha think?
stairs in color and b&w
Lonely Chair Shot for c&c
Thru the window
Ray of light in a cave
A Church At Night
Probably my favorite shot
"They Live" my little pony version.
Sports Complex and Boiler Room
South Korean Silk Factory
An Attempt At Textures
Inside the Clocktower (Abandoned Factory)
Pipe factory with shelves molds
Store for the thrifty
Radar Tower
Which Subject Do You Prefer?
GHOST TOWNS in Idaho Springs, CO
Pretty fucking new. But already addicted
Furniture Factory
Abandoned Basketball Court
Bridge to Nothing
West Lawn at Riverview
Pops old theater
Abandoned Boats in Scotland
Birmingham, AL
Abandoned pipe factory:
A Shot From my First Urbex Experience
Empty, disappointing warehouse: Critique my attempt!
Abandoned Factory:
Pictures from Atlanta - give me your worst
Self portriat
Critique me
Half light, full light, no light, which light?
Tennessee explore pictures for critique (fixed)
Austin, TX Mattress factory

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