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North America
        Del Rio     
             House On The Border 1 19   4
                  House on the Border   19      
                  House on the Border          
                  House on the Border-Part 2          
                  House on the Border - Part 3          
                  House on the Border - Part 4          
United States     
        New Orleans     
             City Hall of New Orleans Annex 1 16 2  
                  City Hall of New Orleans Annex   16      
             Garvey Grain 1 24    
                  Garvey grain: first trip   24      
        Corpus Christi     
             Abandoned Factory 1 21 2  
                  Abandoned factory   21      
             Near Houston 1 9    
                  Row of houses   9      
        New Braunfels     
             Textile Factory 1 16    
                  Textile Factory: First visit   16      
             Atlas Missle Silo / Dwelling 1 25    
                  Atlas Missle silo/Dwelling   25      
        San Antonio     
             Abandoned House 2 34 1  
                  Abandoned house 2   25      
                  Night shots(1-26-06)   9      
             Abandoned House 2 1 14    
                  Abandoned house   14      
             Abandoned Lincoln / Mercury Dealership 1 19    
                  Main Lincoln Mercury   19      
             Abandoned Ranch 2 44 1  
                  Abandoned ranch   25      
                  Return to the Ranch(12/23/06)   19      
             Anatomy of a Dead Neighborhood 1 37    
                  Anatomy of a dead neighborhood   37      
             Birdsong Peanuts Facility 1 30 2  
                  Birdsong Peanuts facility   30      
             Comanche Lookout Park 2 23    
                  Comanche Lookout Park(circa 1980's)   13      
                  Update:Comanche Lookout Park today   10      
             Devil's Den Ruins 2 30    
                  Strange build off Ingram Rd.   6      
             Industrial Garage 1 30    
                  Nameless Industrial Garage   30      
             Japanese Tea Garden 2 40    
                  Japanese Tea Garden   33      
                  Update 1-25-09: Restoration   7      
             Lone Star Brewery 6 106 1  
                  Lone Star Brewery: First visit   30      
                  Lone Star: Second visit.   21      
                  Lone Star:Visit #3   29      
                  That's all folks!   5      
                  Lone Star Brewery: Odds & sods   11      
             Longhorn Quarry 2 66 1  
                  Longhorn Quarry: Another look   55      
                  Longhorn by the starlight   11      
             Mission 4 Drive-In 1 12    
                  Mission 4 Drive-In   12      
             Model Airplane Field 1 21 1  
                  Model Airplane Field   21      
             Old Abandoned Cleaners 1 30    
                  Old abandoned cleaners   30      
             Pearl Brewery 1 24 1  
                  Pearl Brewery   24      
             Pro Plus Mills 1 24    
                  Pro Plus Mills   24      
             San Antonio Speedway 2 28    
                  San Antonio Speedway:1st visit   21      
             Spooky Home For The Aged 2 56 1  
                  HOME FOR THE AGED   30      
                  Same place: Few years later   26      
             St. Benedict's Hospital and Nursing Home 2 43 1  
                  St. Benedict's Health Care Center   34      
                  St.Benedict's update (10/08/05)   9      
             Sunken Garden Theater 1 22 1 1
                  Sunken Garden Theater(1st. trip)   22      
                  Sunken Garden Theater          
             Two Abandoned Bridges 3 34   1
                  Hays Street bridge and Berg's Mill bridge   27      
                  Hays Street Bridge update.   4      
                  Hays Street Bridge update: Remod.   3      
                  Two bridges          
             Unfinished HUD Apartment Complex (Villaje del Rio) 1 32   1
                  Unfinished HUD loft/condo complex   32      
                  Unfinished HUD project          
             Woodlawn Hill Nursing Home 2 34 1  
                  Woodlawn Hill Nursing Home: It rained all day...   25      
                  Woodlawn Hill :Little things   9      
        San Marcos     
             PIKE House 6 58 4 1
                  PIKE House   29      
                  Return to The PIKE house(10/07/06)   14      
                  After the fire: April 14, 2007   7      
                  That's all, Folks!(4-28-07)   5      
                  File shot   1      
                  Pike today   2      
                  After the fire...          
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