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2 Houses For The Price of 1  
3 Houses For The Price of 1  
401 Rest Stop & Service Station  
9th Line House  
Agerton Farm  
Another Gaping Hole  
Britannia False Stoner House  
Britannia Stoner House  
Canada Brick  
Chocolate dRain  
Dixie / Derry Abandoned Buildings (Rae House)  
Dundas Storage  
Lakeview Generating Station  
Long Branch Arsenal Lands  
Ninth Line Farm  
Olde Tyme  
Party Haus  
Pearson International Airport - Terminal 2  
Peel District School Board Offices  
Port Credit Party House  
PPG Clarkson Plant: Coatings and Resins  
Queensway West House  
River Grove Hickhouse  
Sandford House  
Streetsville 50's Throwback  
The Super Connie Airplane Bar