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Take only photogra... ah screw it, have fun!
Teaser for my UrbEx documentary, DECAY
Massive Nuclear Command Bunker explored
Abandoned Sheriff's Station Part 1 HAUNTED?
Sanatorium "Waldhaus" in the Harz mountains
Exploring an Abandoned Old Ruins Hotel w/ Hidden Room
The Destruction of Bamgol Village (audio)
Abandoned School Video
Huge Abandoned Automotive Center.
Best Cave Clan video ever?
Abandoned school of physiotherapy w/ nearly everything left behind
Abandoned Showroom & Car Dealer
That's why he can't be down there in the cave.
5 part Cave Clan Docco (on YouTube)
Abandoned cement factory
Abandoned sanatorium in Germany
House of Wheelchairs (Nursing Home in huge Mansion)
Abandoned Home in the Woods
New Video - Two houses and barn explored.
Exploring an Abandoned Retail Store
Abandoned Theater called COLOSSEUM explored
An abandoned & dangerous Bunker in Vietnam full with critters.
Droning at an abandoned radar base on a top of a mountain in Italy
Abandoned mansion full of personal stuff - How's that possible?
Abandoned Movie Sets in Morocco
Night and day visit Buzludzha -18 degrees + Drone
Urban | Haunted - Explorations (URBEX Exploration Group) (Texas)
New video - Just a shell of a house really
Urbex | Episode #22 - Abandoned Factory - Montreal, Canada
You may never Step foot in the Cincinnati Mall again
Drain Drongos in Radelaide
Abandoned Convalescence Hospital - Part 3
Abandoned Convalescence Hospital - Part 2
Psychiatric Center and Drug Rehab center left to the past.
Abandoned Rural Elementary School Beyond Repair
It's just like watching magicians with cameras in a drain
Abandoned farmhouse and old country doctor?
Abandoned Church Part 2
Abandoned Convalescence Hospital - Part 1
Explorers track down the birth place of the CC
Abandoned Mining Fan Complex
The Homestead
First Video
Abandoned Mill with high silo tower and beautiful view
Abandoned Irem Temple
Urbex Treasure
Abandoned Soviet Army Bases in Europe
2016 Year in Review
Rooftopping Over Central Park
Found an Illuminati bible while exploring creey house

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