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PJ: Apology and Update Video (The House In White)
Among The Unknown | EVPs From The Grave Episode 9
Among The Unknown | Return To The Collapsing House Episode 8
Among The Unknown | The House In White Episode 7
Among The Unknown | The Collapsing House Episode 6 (Season 2 Premiere)
Among The Unknown | The Forgotten Tracks Episode 5 (Seldom Seen Greenway) (Season 1 Finale)
Among The Unknown | Lost Prayers Episode 4
Among The Unknown | Hobo Jungle Episode 3
Among The Unknown | Last Breath Part 2 Episode 2.5
Among The Unknown | The Abandoned House Episode 2
Nye Murder Ranch Part 2 - Getting The Fear
Making the Video Category the best & most popular section on UER.
Among The Unknown | Last Breath Episode 1 (Season 1 Premiere)
The Nye Murder Ranch Part 1 - The First Floor
New York's Asylum on the river
Abandoned former high school
Abandoned Boy's Home
Tall Archive Tower Block [6:00]
Monastery of Sant'Anna de Aquis Vivis built in 1200AD, Italy
Abandoned Church
Easy Like Sunday Morning
Urban Exploring: Italy - Fighter Jet, WWII Bunker, Abandon Concrete Construction Site
Fortress Rocca Montis Draconis built in 800AD, Italy
Abandoned house, Mondragone, Italy
Vandalized Italian house in countryside
Abandoned Granada Theatre
well-preserved abandoned mine in the mountains
Brand new Abandoned House
Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Downey California
Abandoned Military bunker u.s fort used in wwII and as far back as 1876
Christmas Under Seoul
Abandoned Cancer Research hospital
Exploring an Abandoned Country Farmland with multiple Cabins (Found very Creepy Religious House) [Texas]
Tunnel Walkthrough Split Rock Quarry
Infiltration of german amusement park
Best of 2017 - Abandoned & Rooftop
Abandoned First Class Hotel Overnight Stay - July 2017
Abandoned Amusement Park. Flint, MI.
Abandoned Tin Mines of Cornwall
#URBEX: An #Urbex Documentary.........about #Urbexing
Abandoned Carton Factory, Eastern Germany - January, 2017
Abandoned STRIP CLUB!
Columbia, South Carolina tunnels
Formally abandoned underground Arcade Mall, Columbia SC
Abandoned Longfellow Junior High School. Flint, MI. (tons left behind)
A New Urbex Documentary being Released
The Proper People
Abandoned St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church
SC State Insane Asylum building being remodeled to Senior living apartments.
Slaughterhouse Fun

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