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Recently abandoned high school where I dove into the pool. Everything was left behind.
Garfield, OH - Abandoned decayed church/school. Yet everything was still left behind
Abandoned "La Minette" resort in Liberty, NY
Abandoned LAPD station, now demolished
NJ Laboratory Exploration
I explored this school in tallmadge ohio exactly one day before it was demolished!
New Short-Film 2019 - Lost Places around Switzerland and Italy
Abandoned office building in Downtown Los Angeles
Good video camera suggestions
Lincoln Hotel & Dining - Baton Rouge
Train Graveyard | Denmark
Youngstown, Ohio Abandoned Tuxedo Store that had a hidden bowling alley in the basement!
Cinclaire Sugar Mill, Part II- Baton Rouge
1st person to explore 11 Keppel Hill Mansion (Singapore) Colonial era
UrbEx YouTube Community «1 2 »
Spooky Abandoned School in Garfield, Ohio
Cinclaire Sugar Mill, Baton Rouge
Abandoned Insane asylum I,II
Exploring a nearly untouched papermill, found some stray kittens too.
Abandoned Train
Condemned and Abandoned Indoor Waterpark
Rafting in the Underground Tunnels
St. Louis north side abandonments
Abandoned Asylum
Exploring an Abandoned Chemical Plant - Found Control Room and Pump Station
Dreams and Dust. The American Dream. Abandoned. Then explored in time lapse.
Danse Macabre - Video shot in an Abandoned Theatre
Abandoned Funeral Home
Abandoned Secret Government Laboratory (We don't have any information on this place! WHAT IS IT?)
Abandoned Hospital with Everything still running-Pursed by Security Twice «1 2 3 4 5 »
Abandoned farm house in the small town of Freeport, Ohio
First YouTube video - exploring an abandoned factory
Abandoned underground airport in Yugoslavia
Abandoned Hotel Where Al Capone Used to Stay
Abandoned Playing Card Factory!
Abandoned U.S Air Force base with Military Planes left behind (C-133A Nuclear Missile cargo plane found)
very abandoned school in the small town of hammondsville ohio
Another abandoned building in Mansfield, Ohio with a ton of stuff left behind
Abandoned building in mansfield Ohio, cool green tint from windows
Happy World Theme Park | Myanmar
Abandoned fed bank
[Raw Exploring] WW2 Bunker (built by slaves, used by engineers to manifacture tank and machine parts)
Massive abandoned loghouse in Finland. Floors full of documents and stuff!
Exploring an abandoned Central NY mall
Parma Ohio, abandoned house with xbox 360 games left behind
Abandoned reclining Buddha | Myanmar
Among The Unknown | Overholt Distillery Episode 28 (RIPPED OFF SAM & COLBY XPLR STICKER) «1 2 3 4 5 »
Folkeh´┐Żjskole, Denmark
Huge Papermill in Sweden
Adolescents Building - Camarillo State Mental Hospital

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