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Best of Urbex & Rooftopping 2016
Large Abandoned Northville Psychiatric Hospital
Different Urban Exploration style - Rooftop Montreal, Canada
First urbex short film I had made for a university project
Hotelruin in Indonesia
Abandoned Soviet Army Camp infiltrated at Night
European UE Trailer for series exploring worldwide
4th Annual Bay Area Bunker Run
A few videos - It`s a start!
An Introduction to Hardwood Floors
Prank Call about Drain explorers - Hope you get a laugh.
Sathorn Unique Ghost Tower
ABANDONED OFFICE TOWER: Last Urbex before Demolition
A few newish clips and then some...
Large Soviet military ghost town with big Lenin statue
Subway tunnel exploration in vienna Austria
Better version on Power plant in philly
Halloween power plant special
Abandoned Railway Roundhouse Cinematic Video
Exploring Abandoned Construction Site! (FOUND SAFE)
Abandoned Power Plant In Philly
First Video!
Abandoned Cleveland Complex
Cinematic: HUGE Abandoned Linoleum Factory (found porn)
Abandoned burned down 1930's Slaughter House, Lots of old cars
Your first urbex film. How far have you come?
FOUND: noose in abandoned house
Abandoned Theme Park With Abandoned Maze!
More of The Victorian Era Nightmare Hosital
Victorian Era Nightmare Hospital Complete With Dead Things Part !
Special hell!
Exploring Abandoned Houses + Abandoned Lake !
Ohio State Reformatory MY Tour
Abandoned Steel Mill
Old Cave Clan Audio (ongoing thread)
Who likes Metallica ?
Exploring Abandoned Farm | Creepy dolls and dead animals!
One Minute In Forest Haven
Couple climbs the highest construction site in the world!?!?
Abandoned Circus in Oklahoma
Abandoned Water Park
Spinning mill in the forest RARELY PRESERVED!
Exploring Abandoned House and Brick Factory - Found Drugs and Secret Entrance?
Exploring Abandoned Car Dealership - Found treasure ?
Maintenance Facility Exploration on an Abandoned Campus
Urbex in Cambodia took me by surprise!
Bowery Abandoned Subway Platform & Mezzanine

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