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Mon, Jul 25th, 2016
posted by Explorer Zero
Story by Dee Ashley

This is the first place I've seen the Denison plant mentioned. I decided to check it out after drooling over it for months about two weeks ago. I showed up just before dawn, and started scouting it out a bit. This place was (and still is) a huge mystery to me, but I was determined to get in. After all, a place this massive and this dilapidated simply has to have a weak spot somewhere. Well... My first mistake was not taking better care to hide my vehicle. I was only thinking I needed to hide it from the freeway (highway 75), and never considered the possibility of being seen from the INSIDE of the structure. The place looked ancient and I've never seen any indication of human activity. That was about to change. I turned back around and noticed an older man in a golf cart on his cell phone inside the fenced perimeter. Crap, I'm thinking. Should I just back up and book it across state lines or approach him. I decided to approach him (it crossed my mind he could be calling the cops but I was too fascinated to leave without even asking what the place was or even maybe getting a permissible visit).
Here's what it comes down to:
1. This was an ASBESTOS plant (I hopefully don't have to elaborate on how harmful asbestos is to human health).
2. The gentleman I was speaking to is named Tucker. He is an old employee and now the caretaker at this plant. I don't know if he actually lives there or not, but I saw no vehicles (except the golf cart).
3. Many, many people (photographers in particular) have made all kinds of requests, calls, visits, etc., trying to get permission to see the facility and ALL have been denied.
4. Because of #1, the owner of the plant has several lawsuits pending against him. This has made him rather paranoid and unwelcoming to outsiders. No one, except Tucker, has been able to convince him to set foot in the gates.
Anyway, I was really wanting to ask more about this mystery plant, when Tucker must have had a change of heart, because as soon as I introduced myself, he interrupted, "I already called the cops, so go on," he gestured toward the front drive, "get outta here."
I didn't need to be told twice, I said "thank you for the heads up, Sir," and quickly exited the property, all the way across the river, just for good measure.
The moral if the story:
Asbestos plants are bad. Should someone decide to explore this HIGH RISK location, be sure to TAKE A RESPIRATOR.
If you go, understand that the cops WILL be called if you are seen, no questions, no notification! That's my warning. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already reassessing my strategy...


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