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Sun, Sep 25th, 2005
posted by munkyfistfight
Brook Run: Season 2 on DVD

This place has been done to shit.
We're tired of her withered walls, and smelly halls. Yet, we're inextricably drawn to this voluminous cavern of untold oddities, handicapped people, and the trans-mundane.

Since Mr. T, Simian, and I first came here on December 31st 2004, it's pretty much set the benchmark for everything we've explore since. Since then, we've been here about a dozen times as groups and as individuals. Every time I come here, I tell myself, "That's it, that's the last time." But 2 weeks later I get a phone call at work from Westicle. "Brook Run....tonight".....*click*

After tossing aside the idea that he was propositioning me for sex, I gave in and met him almost 30 minutes late and then we drove to Brook Run.

He later explained to me his motive for going there that night. That it was a saturday night close to Halloween and that there might be people there. So we parked the car and made our way through the woods.

Every time that I come through the woods and see her in the dark, just a big sulking mass of black against the night sky, I get a little teary eyed.....until I get inside and my eyes literally start burning from whatever is floating around in the air.

We make our way up the front driveway towards the kitchen. Only turning on our flashlights to get a general direction as to where we're going. We get to the kitchen and a voice calls out.
"....this is your last warning! Come out now!"
a few moments pause.
"That's it! We're coming in!"

I got a little nervous. So we started walking back towards the car, and the woods, and the voice that just threatened us. We made our way past the fence and look up to see 3 teenage kids hanging off of the fence.

One looked like a sad imitation of a goth kid who probobly had Ministry stickers and Godsmack on his car. The other was tall preppy, Italian looking, and the third was a scrawny little Asian kid who looked like he was just trying to be cool by smoking and drinking with these guys.

We made idle chat and they decided to tag along with us. Westicle and I led the way because for some reason these 3 sheet-stains decided to go to Brook Run in the middle of the night without flashlights. They only brought a cell phone, a lighter, some cigarettes, and a couple of bottles of beer.....obviously the most essential of things to bring with you.

At first it was cool and probobly a little funny as they swigged their bud lights, used the F-word expletive for every other word, and giggled like Beavis, but when they started smashing what was left of the windows, kicking in the walls, and looking for more stuff to break and then talking about what drugs would be cool to do at Brook Run that we got a little pissed.

However, despite meeting these 3 tax-dollar poster children hard at work, our little adventure took Westicle and I to a few places in Brook Run that we'd never been before and I'm definitely going back to get some pictures of the things we found.

One thing that the wonderboys clued us into was the possible existence of a bigger morgue. Which in all honesty makes perfect sense for a hospital that size. Especially since the morgue that has been found thus far has only 2 drawers and is a rather small room.

Anyone want to do one more exploration of Brook Run? Only this time, we systematically go through the building and leave no stone we never have to go back again!!

Westicle and I found the sound isolation booths that had been alluded to in the Cryptids website but we had never found them before. We only found a big audio room that we mistook for the sound isolation booths. At any rate they were really cool to find. We parted ways with the rejects (who said they were going up to the roof for some reason) and went back to the car.

Why Brook Run hasn't been torn down yet is a lingering factor in our many returns to the building. Let's do one more Brook Run to end them all. We were there for like 20 minutes at Apex.



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