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Location DB > Japan > Saitama Prefecture > Kamikanasaki Shouwa > G-Cans > Other Stuff > G-Cans_3.JPG

8 / 10   G-Cans_3.JPG

G-cans' can. Ha ha.

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Posted by Emperor Wang 6/12/2005 1:05 AM | remove

Pretty spiffy digital crapper, I must admit. What do the controls do (besides the obvious 'flush' button)?
Posted by Kuroneko 6/13/2005 3:53 PM | remove
  The green LEDs at the rear indicate the status of the seat and water heating.

The black square is the IR bum sensor; when you get up it flushes, and kicks the autofan into hi-speed.

The three buttons are drier, bidet, bum-hole squirter, and stop at the front in orange.

The only way to have a shit I can tell you. Any more than two squirts though, and you're 'playing with it'...
Posted by Emperor Wang 6/13/2005 10:05 PM | remove
  Wow. I want one.
Posted by rainman8889 6/16/2005 3:06 AM | remove
  Kinda scary though, High Tech crapping! Reminds me of the ATR joke. OUCH!
Posted by IIVQ 7/1/2005 11:57 AM | remove
  Wow... And we in Europe and Us still wipe our own ass...
Posted by IIVQ 7/1/2005 11:58 AM | remove
  But no spiffy automatic seat cleaner I see :-P
Posted by rainman8889 7/9/2005 11:23 PM | remove
  I prefer the old fashioned method myself. Knowing my luck, I'd get a blast of superheated water up the keister and then try to tune out the laughter at the Emerg when getting my burns treated. Hot buns for sure.
Posted by rz350 8/21/2005 5:35 PM | remove
  welcome to the future
Posted by Tupsumato 9/29/2005 11:36 AM | remove
  "Warp speed, mr. Sulu"
Posted by followthewhiterabbit 10/11/2005 1:33 AM | remove
  i dont think ill ever be into that technology. id always be wondering if the water is 100 percent clean or if im getting squirted with leftovers of the last guys shit.
Posted by ian_evil 10/12/2005 1:53 AM | remove
  What's wrong with crapping behind the building and wiping with leaves?
Posted by Kuroneko 10/12/2005 9:49 AM | remove
  The nicely warmed-over water comes from a separate tank on the side - EVERYONE knows that!!!
Posted by maxt 11/7/2005 5:08 PM | remove
  All it needs is 3 Seashells....
Posted by rainman8889 11/14/2005 12:11 AM | remove
  Keep the Seashells! I'll just swear a lot for my futuristic toilet paper. ;-)
Posted by Bryan 9/2/2006 11:59 AM | remove
  And to think.. here I am wiping my own ass like a chump!
Posted by MutantMandias 9/2/2006 5:08 PM | remove
  These things are like a little slice o' heaven.
Posted by hjstom 12/6/2006 1:02 PM | remove
  I want that
Posted by Wilk 2/10/2008 11:05 PM | remove
Posted by piplnr65656 2/16/2008 8:16 PM | remove
  Some also set off an alarm if you are on the toilet too long.
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