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Alara Promo Card ~
Today on Magic Arcana, we were shown the Shards of Alara Prerelease Card which will be given out during Prereleases (September 27/28, AND Launch Parties (October 3/4/5).

Shards of Alara Packaging ~
Some very cool Shards of Alara Packaging was leaked yesterday on a German site which gave us some more art spoilers & details as to what we may expect with the new set.

Magic Humour ~
I hope all have found their way over to the new site . . . our apologies for the lack of advance warning but it was something that we had mulled over for quite some time. To make it up to you, here are some funnies we have fabricated from the latest ...

Alara Wallpapers ~
As promised, here is a roundup of realm information and the wallpapers which were presented on Magic Arcana this week . . . Alara consists of five shards (“Five Worlds Share One Fate”), each shards (realms) named are named Bant, Esper, Naya, Grixis ...

New ~
Scott Johns, Editor in Chief of the website, provided us with a sneak peak at the new look and new features coming with the website redesign in an article today titled The New The organisation of materials are to fall into ...