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Sundial 3 - This is the last trip to the Sundial as it has now been fully explored. For the previous posts, check out Trip 1, Trip 2a, and Trip 2b. Explorers in attendance were JuicyFruitKisses, our buddy neX, the ubiquitous phrenzee and his exploring partner Ms DeKay.

Goderich Gaol - The Gaol (jail) here is Barrie was the subject of a previous post. Due to a succession of modifications and renovations over the last 150 years, I was left without a sense of the structures 'original self'. To this end, I sought out it's sister, the Goderich Goal, which not only shares the same architect and design but has remained almost unchanged.

Tunnels of Neustadt - An exploration of the Neustadt Springs brewery, constructed in 1869.

Bear Essentials - I would have spent some of my time exploring but the flying / biting / fire-breathing insects of northern Ontario decided that I would make a very lovely buffet INSTEAD I have BEARS ON FILM (!)

Doors Open Barrie - The very first Doors Open Barrie 2008 event is to take place Sunday, September 28, 2008.

AstroLand - I became interested in Astroland (where Cyclone is located) very recently after reading a fellow bloggers post that the park was soon to close after decades of providing amusement and diversion to New Yorkers.

Hearn Tragedy - R.I.P. Hearn Explorer Ryan Nyenhuis

Niagara Family Vacation - If you are a family man like me, there comes a dreaded point every other summer or so when you must face the inevitable . . . the summer vacation.

I Get Around - Here's an aggregation of how I saw my world through my lens over the last 72-hours.

Sundial Reloaded - Part 1 of 2 A return to the beautiful and retrolicious Sundial Inn in Orillia. May this place stay exactly this way for at least a few short years.

The Way is Shut Being skunked on an exploration is totally frustrating . . . and kinda sucks.

Admiral's Row The amazing 6-acre piece of history at the Brooklyn Naval Yard in New York.

Cloud Club A look at the former speak-easy near the top of the famous Chrysler building in New York.

UrbEx Documentary Film Endless Road Productions (Ottawa) has finally released a brief movie trailer. Film features an UrbEx Barrie Meet from 2006 at abandoned Radar Base Edgar.

Salvation Army Shelter An exploration of the abandoned Salvation Army Shelter in London.

Apartment Demolition An apartment under demolition in London provides some interesting photographic opportunities.

Warehouse Wander Amazing where a wrong turn might take you.

Dunlop Arena This unimpressive looking arena on Dunlop Street, Barrie is brimming with communal memories and is so to be demolished.

'San 4 Meet The fourth annual Muskoka Sanatorium UrbEx meet.

Sundial Inn An exploration of the abandoned landmark Sundial Inn.

Foggy Day A quick early morning tour of some local abandonments on a foggy day in February.

UrbEx Time Machine Ever imagine you had a 'temporal looking glass' to observe an abandonment 'back in the day'?

Sharon Temple A brief look at the historic Sharon Temple in Sharon, Ontario.

UrbEx FasiNATION What is the Urban Explorer's fascination with abandonments.

Old Folks Home An exploration of the recently abandoned Versa-Care nursing home near Delaware.

Woodholme Caste A look at the beautiful abandoned mansion known as Woodholme in north London.

Merry Christmas UER ! A Happy Christmas to all. Enjoy this festive and humourus look at some Santas.

Wellington Hotel Fire A very sad loss of a historic landmark building at Five-Points, downtown Barrie.

Kennedy Detention Centre CopySix and JFK explore the massive Youth Detention Centre in Uxbridge.

Innisfil Heights Marche Empty tables set for diners who will never come.

Crowded Base CopySix and Jack Morningwood find quite a lot of extra company at the abandoned base at Edgar.

The Coffee Conumdrum Odd findings in our old haunt at the Barrie Molson Brewery.

NYC High Line A photographic report from my brother of the recent OpenHouseNewYork tour of the abandoned commercial rail viaduct in Manhattan.

The Cottages of Boston Mills The team explores an interesting series of abandoned cottages near Cheltenham, Ontario.

Uxbridge Train Station An exploration of the beautifully restored train station in Uxbridge, Ontario.

Allandale Train Station A journey through time at the Allandale Train Station in Barrie.

VeriFine Foods Bradford An exploration of the VeriFine Vegetable processing plant in Bradford.

Barber Paper Mill Part of the Mill Madness Tour with neX & JFK. A highlight of the tour and certainly the summer. Please check out the very cool UrbEx Video.

Mill Madness Part of the Mill Madness Tour with neX & JFK. A look at the Harris Woolen Mill and Everton Mills.

Cheltenham Brickworks A group exploration with neX and JFK of the Cheltenham Brickworks and nearby Cheltenham Badlands.

Severn Bridge Kiosk A pint-sized roadside abandonment along the gateway to the north.

Oro Rural-Ex Another fine rural abandonment found this time in Oro-Medonte Township.

UrbEx Potpourri Some location scouting in Orillia, as well as Innisfil and Oro-Medonte Townships.

Molson Brewery 3 My third foray into the brewery, this time with our trusty side-kick JuicyFruitKisses and our good UrbEx Buddy from UEKW, Mr. CrossFire.

Don Valley Brickworks Our exploration is cut short due to a model shoot on location. This place has gone mainstream !

Gasoline Alley Motel A quick foray into one of the many abandoned and odd places found in Gasoline Alley just north of Barrie.

Base Edgar Rainy Day Our fourth trip out to the old radar base, turned mental institution. The heavy downpour confined us to a limited number of buildings on the site.

Molson Brewery 2 My second exploration of the brewery and another video installment. Jef (aka White Trash) keeping us company this exploration.

Molson Brewery 1 My very first urban exploration video. Filmed at Barrie's massive former Molson Brewery.

Naples Pizza The disapointment of waiting too long before exploring a location.

Hillsdale Gristmill This historical gristmill is quickly falling apart.

UrbEx Short Story BUSTED ! - A short fictional story of getting busted at abandoned Base Edgar while urban exploring.

Washago Grain Tower A unique and interesting abandoned grain tower on the CN Rail line in Washago.

Fork Lift Truck Graveyard Where all the Fork Lift Trucks come to die.

Holland Marsh House Abandoned house on the Holland Marsh near Bradford

Then & Now 3 Post 3 of a vintage postcard / photograph re-creation of locations in Barrie.

Then & Now 2 Post 2 of a vintage postcard / photograph re-creation of locations in Barrie.

Then & Now 1 Post 1 of a vintage postcard / photograph re-creation of locations in Barrie.

Hamilton Lyric / Century Theatre My tour of the Hamilton Lyric Theatre.

Rick Mercer @ Muskoka Sanitarium Rick Mercer and David Suzuki having fun at the Muskoka Centre.

Allandale Rail YMCA / Crazy Fox An exploration of the historic building and former home of the Allandale rail road YMCA.

Barrie Jail A look at the historic former Barrie gaol.

Barrie Horse Race Track A quick tour of the Barrie Events Centre / race track in its last year of operation.

Crazy Dave's Innisfil Farmhouse A long-abonded and beautiful farmhouse in Innisfil.

Port McNicoll Grain Silos A look at the massive silos at Port McNicoll.

Base Edgar III Yet another visit to this massive radar base.

Merry F@rking Christmas ! Happy Holidays.

Muskoka Sanitarium III Another exploration of the Muskoka Centre.

Caribou Diner An exploration of the abandoned diner which served vactioners traveling along Highway 11 from Ontario's 'Cottage Country'.

Utopia Grist Mill An exploration of the historical Grist Mill in Utopia, located between Barrie and Angus.

Oba-Sa-Teeka Scout Reserve An exploration of the Scout camp, now meditation centre near Alliston.

St. Paul’s Evangelical Christian School An exploration of the abandoned school in Anten Mills, just north of Barrie.

Barrie Opera House Ghosts An infiltration of the Barrie Opera House a few weeks before its demolition.

Molson Park Barrie An exploration of the now unused Molson Park, concert venue in Barrie.

Trespass Laws A brief article about trespassing in Ontario.

Port Severn Motel The interesting Port Severn Motel located at . . (duh) Port Severn.

Depot Harbour The ruins of the Deport Harbour rail round houses on Parry Island on Georgian Bay.

Ontario Motels A brief article of the evolution of motels in Central Ontario.

Antiquities, Rarities, & Odd Shit Some very interesting and unique items may be found in abandoned farm houses.

Base Edgar II Another visit to the nearby abandoned radar base.

Muskoka Regional Centre Our favourite former mental health / psychiatric hospitals located an hour north of Barrie.

Oxford Regional Centre One of the last explorations of the Oxford Regional Centre before the last few buildings were demolished.

Barrie Post Office An exploration of the Barrie Post Office on Collier Street just a few short weeks before its demolition.

Abandoned Farmhouses An article about abandoned rural farmhouses in Central Ontario / Simcoe County.

Base Edgar I Our favourite former Pine Tree Line radar base just north of Barrie.

Josephine Ghost Town A small community long since gone just outside of Barrie, Ontario.

Ontario Asylums An article on Ontario institutions.

My Urban Exploration Exploits An introduction as to my evolution as an explorer.