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The Fontanelle Cemetery is Now Open!

Finally, after years of waiting, the ancient underground Fontanelle Cemetery is open, after extensive restoration by the city of Naples, Italy. Visits to this mysterious place are by telephone reservation only. Reservations can be made by calling 081-5490368 from Monday through Friday with calls taken only from from 10AM till noon. This morning we visited the newly opened site and took several new photos.
You may see the photos and if you read Italian, our impressions as well, of the restoration of this ancient subterranean burial place. (I have not translated Fulvio's comments yet! ) At one time back in the 1950's, a city street car line ran out to the Fontanelle Cemetery to accommodate cult followers who adopt and care for the remains of those buried
hundreds of years ago.
To see the photos, CLICK HERE.
To read a good article in English about the Fontanelle Cemetery, click this link and scroll down to the third article!!

Napoli Underground

Larry Ray