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One hundredth photo added to NUg Photo G
One hundredth photo added to NUg Photo Gallery!

Posted by Fulvio, August 13th 2007

Little by little over time we have continued to add outstanding photographs of the Naples underground and from other related speleological excursions both urban and natural. We welcome your photos which we will be happy to post for all to see. If you have photos of your explorations and are willing to offer them to the public, just email them to us with a brief description of the photos and we will post them with your credits. We have just reached our 4 Millionth hit last month, so we have a nice viewer-ship both in Europe as well as many English speaking countries through our English Language version which you are reading. Captions to our photo gallery remain in Italian, but "a photo is worth a thousand words" certainly applies here! Here's the link to our GALLERY

Larry Ray

by Napoli Underground