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NUg Celebrates Second Anniversary

NAPOLI UNDERGROUND Celebrates Second Anniversary

We are proud to announce that today, November 11, 2005, marks the second anniversary of the operation of the web site
Through many difficulties and innumerable second thoughts, with supportive messages, (few), and attempts to shut us up, (many), we are still here to spread the word about the incredible Naples underground.

We have been delighted with your increasingly frequent visits to our site which is testament to the interest you have in the fascinating Naples underground which is so close to our hearts.

During these two years we have had the support and/or collaboration of many different individuals who understand and share our spirit and our passion and to them we offer our sincerest thanks.
They are:
Clemente Esposito
Larry Ray
Bill McCann
Andrea Scatolini
Gianluca Padovan
Cristiano Tarsia
Michael Pulley
Tania Sabatino ...
and please excuse us if we have left out anyone ;-)

P.S. Obviously you are all invited to a great celebration and party complete with cake... just don’t forget to bring your light, and a jacket because it is dark and damp down here !!!

Translation - Larry Ray