Napoli Underground - Urban speleology

Napoli Underground is a labor of love . . . a result of our passion for speleology and our love of Naples. With this site we hope to spread the word about this unique and wonderful "city beneath a city", the sottosuolo, or underground of Naples and its history going back more than 4000 years. The site presents a complete database of caverns, tunnels, acqueducts and passageways mapped, photographed and explored for more than 50 years by the Centro Speleologico Meridionale or "Southern Speleological Center". Each database page references a 'cavity number' which may be a cavern from quarrying, an aqueduct, a passageway, a cistern or reservoir, or other void beneath the city. Database listings with photographs or computer mapping are indicated, and some have even been videotaped with lo-res video available for computer viewing.