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Urban Fishing & Guide Service
Coming soon. The 2X team goes xtreme fishing, commando style!

No ditch too polluted, no private lake too private. Golf course water hazards are an untapped source of sport fishing action. Toxic and highly mutagenic lawn care chemicals and pesticides make for some exciting surprises with every catch. From drains, culverts and creeks to those snooty Japanese Koi in the pond at that overpriced Chinese restaurant garden, nothing is off limits for the 2Xtreme Team.

If you have what it takes and want in the fastest growing segment of urban exploration grab a pole and lets wet a hook together!

Client tackle guidelines:

- Rods: short ultralight or micro light fast action rods generally we keep'em 5ft or under and like spinning style the best for extra casting distance with small baits

- Line: is usually Stren monofilament 4-6lb test sometimes we'll go bigger but we lose so much that the Spectran and Spider wire stuff gets too costly and may even dissolve in some catch basins and chemical r u nn o f t areas

- Reels: we use whatever fits our tiny rods, Shimano, Quantum, Daiwa something that wont matter if it gets chlorinated solvents or waste hydraulic fluid in it.

- Baits: almost always small spinnerbaits 1/16oz or smaller for their weed and trash resitant design, sometimes we'll use Mepps in open water or even Flea Flies and tube jigs can be very effective for vertical jigging in those hard to reach pot holes

- Archery: we use a 45lb recurve for carp/Koi & other urban rough fish like gar, TPWD takes a dim view of people sticking arrows in their game fish your welcome to bring a compound bow if thats how you roll

- Gigging: come in all sizes and we use some of each and recommend Bulldog brand hickory hoe handles for the large 5 point style

- Fly fishing: We enjoy fly fishing above all other methods, no further explanation required you either get it or you dont. The only problem is 9 ft rods tend to be difficult to cast in 8ft drains.

Coming soon, pics!

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