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Wed, Feb 27th, 2019
posted by Cfourexplore
A worthy explore

In late June of 2018, I was pretty new to urbex. While I knew of a few locations, I was always looking for more (kinda like now), so I would fire up Google maps and search nearby night, I saw this place. I had no idea what it was, but I hoped for a hospital.
I drove the hour and a half, and saw immediately upon pulling into the lot that 1) this place was indeed abandoned, and 2) it was...a HOSPITAL!!
It was mostly sealed on the 1st floor, but I found a door that led into what looked like a radiology room; but I was misled. I could go no I walked around the place, praying for a PoE. I was in luck; I found a door that led into the boiler room, maintenance area, and the labs.
I could hear water running; I quickly found the source, a slow water leak in the labs (and TONS of mold). Putting on my mask, I proceeded, finding the kitchen/caff, and some big walk-in freezers. I then decided to go upstairs, snapping pics and nearly drooling over the peely paint. I located the patient rooms, the xray rooms, triage and slightly better air quality. On the third floor was the OR's, labor rooms, maternity...and roof access.
Stepping onto the roof, I hear a startled growl and a flurry of wings. After uttering a series of expletives, I see I scared up several vultures who have roosted on the roof (and had apparently infiltrated the third floor on occasion).
Having taken many pics, and getting hungry and overheated, I decided to head out. But once I got home, I felt I had missed something...and that my pics could've been better.
On July 4th, I returned, still not finding a morgue, but finding the admin wing, and trying to improve some of my grainer, lesser pics. The place was as amazing as it was the first time. There was quite a bit of destruction, vandalism, and general decay, but I found lots of signage, one bed, old medical books, some equipment, and even a few passive aggressive notes.
I am happy for my experience at the first hospital I'd explored, I like my pics (even the ones that aren't perfect, by my amateur standards), but I have one regret...I never returned after the 2nd explore. I had shared this location with a fellow UER member late in 2018, not knowing that in those 4 months that the city decided to take her down (and stupid lying satellite images were NOT recently updated).
I was heartbroken when I got the news (yes, heartbroken), not to mention embarrassed about giving out bad intel. However, this other member was glad to have seen what was left, about half of the building, and totally understood my pain. (Don't mean to be all dramatic, but it was a shock, and pretty sad to see it go, especially since I'd ignored going back)
Anyway, I drove by the site this January, and it was pancake flat, with the rubble hauled away. Goodbye Chatham Hospital, you were truly a worthy explore!
Thanks for reading; if you've made it all the way through, I hope you enjoyed my rambling...*ahem, I mean story!


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