Some Sentimental Words by Fleeting
Sun, Oct 8th, 2017
posted by Fleeting

It's so hard for me to looks at all the pictures I've taken while exploring here. This place holds quite a bit of sentimental value to me. I lived in the area up until very recently, and I'd pass by this block almost every day. While it is vertainly not the most beautiful or well-maintained of structures, it gives the particular intersection a lot of character; so much, that it made apperances in movies like Scott Pilgrim VS the World. Not many intersections in Toronto are pretty to look at, and this is one of the few blocks of Toronto that has its own charm and character. This is more than likely to change after Westbank is done their work.

I'm going to miss being able to walk in and get lost (Not that I did actually get lost after the years!). There was always something you could find that you needed, and it didn't necessarily have to be bad just because it was cheap. Sometimes, they had a good quality product, but it was the cheapest place you could find it: Jones Soda, for example.

I know this is not really a "story" per se, but I wanted to get these words down to let everyone know how special a place this was not only for myself, but many other people in Toronto, and it's an absolute shame nothing could be done to save this Toronto icon. Unfortunately, it's not the first, and won't be the last. I hope you enjoy my pictures and any others people may end up contributing.