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Sun, Jan 16th, 2011
posted by Bennet
We Need Lube

Riding the MARTA one day a few years ago I first saw Abrams. Sitting apart from the other buildings in the area, the heavy boarded windows told me it was abandoned. It wasn't until recently that I remembered this fact and attempted to find a way inside. A friend and I stopped by one Saturday afternoon to recon the exterior in hopes of finding a way inside. After an hour of walking around the entire building, I had only succeeded in scaling down a 15ft wall on razor wire and kudzu to no avail. Everything seemed boarded up tight.

Fast forward a couple weeks to one of SP.E.C.T.R.E.'s weekend excursions; Once-ler, redSky and myself present. Braving the shit-smelling hobo highway, we three attempted to gain access once again. A part of the building's HVAC system sticking out the side of the building suddenly looked like a wonderful entry. The metal grating had been partially removed, so it was easy enough to slide by it. With Once-ler standing guard, redSky agreed to spot me as I tried to imitate a toothpick. Now the way in appeared to involve me slipping in between the fan blades of this unit and then dropping into the system and finding a door into the actual building. What actually happened was more along the lines of sexual assault.

Being SP.E.C.T.R.E.'s resident spidermonkey I'm already a skinny individual, however manipulating myself through a 15 inch space proved insanely difficult. Thanks mostly to gravity, I was able to barely slip between the blades and drop a couple feet to the floor. The horror was that there was no exit. I was surrounded by three walls and one giant AC filter. If I had a respirator, I might've been able to punch my way through the filter; however, I didn't, nor would I have been able to fit it in with me. Now, with nowhere to go, I had to get back out. Jumping those couple feet back to reach the fan actually became the easiest part. With gravity now working against me, I managed to work an arm between the blades and start to pull myself up. redSky did a wonderful job of providing emotional support as the fan blades took turns having their way with me. Some 7 or 8 minutes later, I was able to pull my hips through and escape to the sweet fresh shit-smelling air of the hobo highway. Now completely covered in dust and filth, sore and broken, we continued to search for another entry way. This time, we did find a way inside, without anyone getting molested.

Sadly, the interior was pretty bare and probably not worth it (at least, as far as I was concerned).


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