i didn't have the opportunity to take a photo
Wed, Sep 22nd, 2010
posted by urbexkeith

So me and my friend were trying to find a way into the old DSA (aka Byers) We found a way in, we jump down into the classroom, i head out into the main hallway, hang a right and my friend points out that he hears a beeping noise, the beeping noise is very quiet and it wasn't beeping when we first entered, it dawned on us that it was the alarms going off, they have motion detectors in there, we book it out of there as fast as we can, i didn't even have an opportunity to get one photo inside!! About two min later the DPD and THE DPSPD (Denver Public Schools Police Department) showed up, the DPSPD enter the building and search it. Me and my friend are STILL trying to figure out a way to enter that building without tripping the alarm, thats school is SOOOOO amazing, talk about pristine abandonment, that place also had so many opportunities photographically! Overall if you could get inside without tripping those alarms it would be worth it.