Intense dude
Sun, Feb 22nd, 2009
posted by I am the Bear

So we decided to try and see Roseville today, and everything was going smoothly for the first 2 minutes. we parked opposite the entrance, in a mud lot with a bunch of semi trailers. we hadnt even made it across the street yet when a man in a green pickup drove over to us, and demanded we get the hell out. so i said "hi how are you doing?" and he just raised his voice and stuff, saying that we were on his property and he was sick and tired of people trying to snoop around. which i understand. what i dont understand is that he threatened to shoot me in the butt when i asked if i could take pictures. then he started acting like he was going to run us over.
we just acted calm and polite the whole time, which made his rage seem pretty funny to me. my favorite part was when he had to wait for the 5 of us to pile back into my 2-door. he pretended to look for something in the glove compartment but im pretty sure he was just trying to look busy. also his wife lives in the house by the entrance, and i think she does nothing but look out the window to make sure nobody is taking pictures of a historic building. but that is purely conjecture.

another cool thing to see in roseville, the official yellow warning sign that says "warning: silent sickness" no joke. its pretty creepy. you can find it on the way to the prison on main street. what is the silent sickness? apathy perhaps.