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Sun, Sep 14th, 2008
posted by Phil G.
The Crazy Arson Lady

Right, so if you do decide to check this place out, be anywhere in the general vicinity of it, be prepared to be accosted by the crazy arson lady:

I was out for one of my nightly bike rides, going past the factory right next to Metal Tech, when I hit a hole (because I was an idiot and was not looking where I was going) and flipped over. Nothing bad enough to injure me, but my brakes are completely locked. The one night I don't wear my multi-tool, I need it.

I take the light off of the front of my bike, go and and check the side of the factory (10 feet from the road), thinking that maybe there will be a friendly night guard that will let me borrow some pliers (I checked the side because there were no windows up front). Nadda, completely dark inside, so I got and sit down next to my bike, text someone to pick me up and put my phone away.

About 2 minutes after I sit down, way too soon for my friend to get there, a car drives up. My naive self thinks that it will be a good Samaritan offering some help. Boy I was wrong. How wrong I was. Here is a transcription of my conversation with the crazy arson lady:

Woman in Car: Hey you there!
Me: Hi there, I don't-
Me: Uh, I was looking to see if there was someone that could help me with my bike.
Now apparently crazy woman:That building is abandoned! Vacant!
Me: Well I didn't know that.
Crazy Woman: There has been a lot of arson around here lately!
Me: I'm aware of that, but do you honestly think an arsonist would sit in front of the building he was planning on burning down? Besides, I'm part of the historical society, I really hate arson.
Crazy woman: I'm a member of the historical society too, I want to see your historical society ID!
Me: Uh, I don't have it on me (seeing as it is a membership card made of paper that would just take up space in my wallet)
Crazy woman: I don't believe you!
Me: *listing off the secretary, treasurer, and president of the historical society*
Crazy woman: Who are you talking about!?
Me: The Treasurer, Secretary, and President of the Historical Society.
Crazy woman: People just tried to burn that building down over there!
Me: I know, I read about it in the paper, I really hate arson.

She then drives off. OR SO I THOUGHT. She made a giant loop of the industrial road I'm on, parked maybe 70 feet away from me and waited till I left in my friend's car.

I'm all for people protecting against arson, but come on, don't be fucking paranoid and accuse random fucking people of arson.


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