Infiltrating the school
Sat, May 10th, 2008
posted by Bad Ash

BaeJung 002
The school officially closed its doors in 2002 after being a very successful private school for the rich, in an ironically poor area. It's main feature being English. From the information I have gathered it was a busy school for many years until a rival school stole most of the students and by 2002 it was closed and left as is. The land has been purchased and my petition for it to become a world heritage site has been rejected. It will soon be turned into large villas or yet more apartments in the Concrete Jungle it resides in.

After scoping out the front doors and the back, where some men were diligently stealing some trees, we decided that the best course of action was to try a side infiltration under the cover of ignorance. Some recon was done before hand so we moved around back where there was a open window. Originally I was told it was 5 feet up, but later found it to be 8 feet up and right in front of someones house.
BaeJung 014
Finally I said screw it, it was starting to rain so I was either going in or going home, so we charged forth to the last area we could infiltrate, the hillside. Scaling down the side of the hill and into a flooded room we made it onto the third floor.
BaeJung 016
BaeJung 020
Looking out the window I saw a new truck in the yard, right about the time we heard someone moving around downstairs. Frozen in place we waited and listened and decided what our next step would be. We decided to retreat back to our entrance. Moving like ninjas we stepped over broken glass, plastic and wooden planks without a peep. Not willing to give up on our infiltration we waited to see if it was other explorers. At this point I checked out our escape route and was shocked to see two caretakers cleaning out a flooded balcony, right were we needed to be.
BaeJung 023
BaeJung 027
Our potential captors are in that room. Sneaking down the stairs as quietly as possible we spotted the men working on the balcony adjoined to a room right in front of the stairs. It was a stressful adventure trying to sneak past them.
BaeJung 044
BaeJung 045
Finally we heard a chainsaw coming from outside and this was the last draw for me. I had to shit, I was scared and we had to make our escape. Having been the courageous one the whole day, sneaking into the building first, sneaking down the stairs first and being all round responsible I made Stig exit the building first. To our shock the workers were gone, but these kids gave us a surprise.