Oh Shit.. Caught!
Wed, Apr 16th, 2008
posted by FerretWithASpork

So I was driving down in Lake George for no reason other than it was a great day, Nothing seemed too interesting so I turned down a road to head home and turned my head to see Lake George Action Park and my jaw dropped, I had totally forgotten about it, so I went back around the 'block' and parked on the side of the road, I headed over to the fenced in area and looked around, tons of people about.. humans.. oblivious as usual, so I hopped it and headed for some buildings.

One section was totally blocked up and I couldn't get in, so I went to the next building.. was this what I thought it was? The opera house! A back window was broke so I peeked in and it didn't seem like much, but i wasn't getting in anyway, the door was locked and I wan't climbing through broken glass, so I headed out front. I looked at the front and it didn't look like the pictures i'd seen, was I not where I thought? The door was wide open and I remember people saying they couldn't get in, I looked around a bit more and saw "OPERA HOUSE" on the top of the building.. this was it!I went in, not much to see, the place is gutted. But still interesting.

I left to goto the other buildings and I walked into one, some signs on the wall helped me figure out that it was used for laser tag, pretty cool,
I turned to look at another wall and saw this awesome painted entrance, I walked through but alas, this room had been gutted too. The insides of all the buildings are mostly empty. So I walked out and headed to yet another building, and walked around inside, I was walking around and heard some splashing and got confused, I looked down to find I was walking in about an inch of water. SHIT! RUN! Well it wasn't paint, I haven't caught fire yet, so I assume it was just water..

Anyway I continued to examine some more buildings but couldn't gain access to any more, I was walking over to the first section of buildigns I had seen over by where I parked and was looking for entrance but none was found, so I walked over to the side, there was a fence that came up to the building so I couldn't get around back, but I could go around to the other side where there was no fence, I looked around again and saw a group of people not far, but they were just standing around talking, so I thought nothing of it and walked around to the other side.

I was just about to go to the back of the buildings when I saw that group of people walking straight towards a gate.. Shit.. I went back to the side of the building and peeked out, watching them, I believe they saw me because they were about to enter, I turned and walked away.

As I approached the front of the building I stopped dead in my tracks to see a guy standing at the fence opposite me. Shit.. Caught.. I let my camera dangle from my neck and slung it over to my side with my camera bag and took my sunglasses off.

Guy: "Who are you?"
Me: "I'm just a photographer, taking some pictures"
"Who are you with?"
"Just myself, It's for my personal portfolio, I dont' have one you can keep because I wrote on this one but heres my business card" I gave it to him and he looked at it.
"How did you get in? Or did you just hop the fence?"
"I just hopped the fence"
"Okay well, The mayor and a bunch of people are over there, they wanted to see who ducked behind the building, I don't know if they've called the cops or not yet but I suggest you leave. If you plan on comming back just stop by the village building and ask permission."
"Okay, thank you very much sir" So with that I hopped the fence and walked to my car, and drove off.. Wow.. What a rush!

So later that night I called the village office and asked for permission, the secretary put me on hold, came back after a little while and asked my name, then transfered me to a man. I said the same thing, "I would like to get permission to photograph the old gaslight village" and the man asked "Were you the young man who was on the property earlier today?" I plead guilty and I was asked why I wanted to and what I wanted to photograph, I said "It's just a hobby of mine to photograph abandoned buildings, I'd just like to see the opera house and the other buildings." and he said "Well we just obtained the property and we can't allow anyone on the property until we have it inspected for hazardous materials, we're eager to get on it ourselves but we were told not to allow anyone on the property, If you call back in about a week or two we should have more information." so I thanked him, and that's where were at now.

If you would like to get onto this property I urge you to call the office (http://tinyurl.com/5hlpk8) and ask permission, the people are very nice and as long as you are nice, and once everythings straightened out with the HazMat I don't think it should be a problem.

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