My notes about the site
Mon, Feb 25th, 2008
posted by /-/ooligan

Former US gov’t listening post/radio station, Healdsburg, CA


Per owner of nearby bed & breakfast, unknown USG agency obtained the approx. 600 acres on a hill in the WW-II era for “listening post.” Now, Sonoma County Probation Camp, Santa Rosa Junior College ‘College Farm,’ and Ya-Ka-Ama Native American Plant Nursery & tribal grounds (, Betty 707/887-15410. Address is 6215 Eastside Rd. Gov’t fac was at what is now the Ya-Ka-Ama site. Native American caretaker living in adjacent mobile home advised he was told it’d been a “CIA Radio Station.” A 1-story brick Ops building, plus a large garage/storage area behind it. Indian Tribe got the land & established their operation in 1971, so site was probably vacated by USG in late 1960s. Indian caretaker stated that the main building had some sort of basement, but the entrance was cemented shut prior to transfer to GSABIA Ya Ka Ama Tribe. When I asked about any old antenna poles, etc. in the surrounding fields, he stated that he was informed the antennas on the site were just on the roof of the building, and that the building had large copper eaves which the antennas were mounted on. The building rooftop did have the remains of a rotatable mast.

When in the area of the site, I saw the sign indicating it was the Sonoma County Probation Camp, and almost blew off doing much exploration atop the hill, until I got to the N side of the area and saw a large gate blocking the road which reminded me of a couple ‘black’ C3,I sites I’m familiar with. The gate indicated the property was owned by the Sonoma County Water Authority, and that unofficial vehicles were prohibited (but apparently it was OK to hike through the area). I backtracked a mile & stopped off at a bed & breakfast & discretely asked, expecting the answer to be that it’d been some ARNG encampment, later given to the county, which used the grounds as a jail camp, or even that it was some sort of secret bunker (I was still a little excited about the gate, which very much resembled the one at [censored]). The B&B owner advised that all the land in the area was originally part of the Wohler Farm, and that the US Government bought some of the land during the WW-II era for use as a radio listening post. When they shut the site down, the land was distributed out a little to state entities like the Santa Rosa Jr. College.

The location is perfect for something sneaky – the top of the hill is a large, flat & open area, but nothing really is visible from the public roads or numerous vineyards nearby.