February 2008
Tue, Feb 12th, 2008
posted by blitz

So me and my buddy Nate were in the general area, and we were like "heck, lets find something interesting around here!". We were on Devens, its got its fair share of empty buildings, but we were more in the mood to be outside, so we decided to go walk around in the woods. After walking over a ridge, we stumbled upon an unplowed road. Off in the distance was a bulldozer, and we figured there must be something going on. We walked down the road about 500 yards to find a couple of contractor trailers, along with some construction equipment and a huge transformer. We continued down the road, which became very windy and was littered with pipes and pressure-treated wood. We got to the bottom, and found a makeshift construction camp along with an old bridge. It's probably active, while everything was covered in snow, I doubt anyone would just leave this kind of stuff behind, however we didn't see a soul. We walked across some old catwalk that probably wasn't safe, and then when we got bored decided to walk back a different way, and we found a clearing on top of a hill with a TON (+20) old foundations that had something on top of them at one point. We went more just to go on a walk and enjoy the weather, but we got lucky and found some cool stuff, check it out if you're into this kind of construction stuff.