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Thu, Oct 18th, 2007
posted by HUBUB
Run in with Looters

Me, Ishi and Oklahoma Boye were skulking around the cellar when we stumbled accross a bunch of power tools and a backpack. These things were new and looked like they were worth a lot of money. Part of me told me to steal them, and I was really tempted. On this particular trip, there was evidence of new boards over certain entrances, so I knew that there had been someone there during the day. We were expecting to meet up with more friends, Curry and KP, when we got inside and hadn't run into them yet.
Just then, we heard footsteps coming from down the end of the corridor, and saw a few flashlights. We thought it would be a good opportunity to scare the shit out of Curry and KP, so we killed our flashlights and hid. As these two figures come around the corner I let out this howl that could scare the ears off a gundark.
After the air settled we heard unfriendly unfamiliar voices. I put on my friendly voice and walked over. There were two pretty gruff looking guys with Tim Hortons. The dialogue went like this. Keep in mind it's pitch black.

Me: "Hey so there's a bunch of tools in there, eh?"
Dude: "I know."
(The dude leaned forward aggressively. Keep in mind I'm in no way a big guy. I was like 'oh shit')
Me: "We thought you were our buddies, you didn't see anyone in here earlier did you?"
Dude: "A few hours ago I saw some guy. He didn't know to keep to himself."
(The dude shines a flashlight on his face. He's got dry blood on his face, a gash on his forhead and crude bandages. It's at this point I realized how rough these guys actually look.)
Me: "Cool, well we're just here to take pictures. We'll be on our way."
(He gave us one good look again and went back to work)

I thought I was going to poop. Looks like I rolled a 20 on that charisma check. I can only assume that they were stealing electrical hardware.


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