Sun, Oct 1st, 2006
posted by AjumTheGreat

I didn't even know this place was in the DB, found it on a haunting site... Anyways, the plans to turn this in to a retirement home has fallen through!!! I read this somewhere, I can't remember where, but it was credible. In one of the photo galleries (IMG 31 in "Soon to be Gone"), you can see signs advertising Alma's future. I saw these after reading about how the company in charge of restoration went tits up or something, and was painfully dissapointed. Then I noticed the phone number on the signs when I went... the last four digits had been blacked out. "Hooray?" we thought. Then we noticed a website, <> and I figured I'd check it out, and if it's defunkt I'll take that as thumbs up. Well, you know the website, take a look for yourself. :D
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