this would be the one day i didn't have my camera
Wed, Sep 13th, 2006
posted by imprezawrxsti

My friend Katy and I had just grabbed some coffee at cafe Europa and were discussing some of my recent photos. I told her I had had my eye on the former DSA for a while and since were only a few blocks from it, we decided to check it out. As we rounded the basketball courts, she pointed out where her creative writing classes had been (she is a former DSA student) and we proceeded to the front of the building. As we paused for a moment on the steps, I explained to her where my entry point was and my frustration at not being able to reach it. She looked at the building for a moment and said 'Well, you could just go in that window.' And lo and behold, there it was. An open, decently concealed first-floor window. I couldn't believe it. Hidden in the ivy of the front of the building was an open window, the perfect entry point. I thought, 'This is the reason I carry a maglite with me everywhere.' So I decided to scope out the interior. I grabbed my maglite out of my bag and dropped through the window. There was a conveniently placed table near the window that i dropped down onto. And then i saw it: a device on the ceiling. I looked in the storage closet to the left: another. Then I looked down the hallway: the devices dotted the ceiling. My ears began to pick up a faint beeping, so I had to assume the worst, that the devices were motion detectors and i had about 5 minutes to get the hell away from the school. So I did just that, and waited across the street for about 10 minutes to see if the cops would show. They didn't. I think that the devices are probably smoke detectors, but it's academic now, since the entire first floor is boarded up, and my entry point sealed. I wish I'd had my camera with me that day.