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Thu, Jan 19th, 2006
posted by WICKED1
Did Ya Find 'Em Yet?

My boyfriend and I, (for the sake of this story and the pictures that go with it, I'll call him *D*) had been scoping this place out for awhile. We planned to go with Tat2ed WhiteTrash and met up at about 3:00 in the afternoon.

Tat2ed was just about to gain entry when I spotted a guy sitting in a white van across the street. I could see that he was looking at us so we decided to just walk around the block and go in another way. Anyhow, we got in and only managed to snap off 2 pictures when a red truck pulled up on the sidewalk right beside the white van. We all froze while we waited to see what would happen. The men started heading towards the door and looked right at us! Now everytime I watch a scary movie I'll understand the mentality of running upstairs rather than out the door. Honestly at the time, the doors were not an option.

Tat2ed whispered for us to run and that he knew a good hiding spot so we followed him up to the second floor and into a little office like room. Then he points out a tiny little door that I didn't even notice and we all crawled in. Inside were a few couch cushions to sit on and wait it out. Some squatter had a nice little set up in there which served us well. So there we were, trying to listen to what was going on downstairs so we could figure out where those guys were and what they were doing. Then we heard someone from downstairs yell "Did ya find 'em yet?" By this time we could hear footsteps right outside the door of the office we were hiding in and thankfully, the reply was "Not yet!" We all held our breath and waited for the outcome of this unexpected turn of events. We weighed our options and got our stories straight and decided to just lay low until they either found us or gave up trying.

All told, we waited in that little cubbyhole for about 20 minutes. It was quiet downstairs but we couldn't tell whether they were still looking for us or not. We knew they were still in the building though so we quietly crept out and made our way across the floor. As I said, we only managed to get 2 pictures before we were intruded upon so we needed to get some more to back up our story that we were just there taking pictures.

We realized that even though those guys knew we were in the building, they gave up trying to find us and started working. Tat2ed snuck around the back way and kept an eye on them while *D* and I watched the ramp and waited for him to come back and fill us in on what was happening. He told us that there were 4 guys downstairs trying to lock up one of the doors. After waiting in the squatters pad for 20 minutes, we spent an additional hour or so listening to all the banging downstairs all the while taking pictures on the second floor.

We finally heard one of the doors close downstairs and heard a vehicle start up outside so Tat2ed walked over to the window to see if they were leaving. One down, three to go. Shortly after, we heard the door bang again and another vehicle start up and pull away. We weren't sure if all three of the remaining guys were gone or if they were just trying to make us think they were. We decided we were gonna go for it anyway because Tat2ed had to be somewhere for 5:30 and I had a couple of kids at home that had no idea where I was. We didn't see anyone downstairs so we just headed for the door and breezed right outta there!

Once outside, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief then bolted across the street laughing our asses off. Man, for all that time those men spent securing that door it didn't make one bit of difference! Under the circumstances, it turned out the best way possible. If nothing else, at least now we have a cool story to tell!


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