Tunnel depth.
Tue, Jan 3rd, 2006
posted by Cybo

When I learned a few nights ago that the TTC would be extending their deadline for track replacement and platform reconstruction in the Harbourfront Streetcar Tunnel to mid-January, I decided that I would take advantage of the holidays to explore the tunnel from one end to the other. So, on the night of New Year's Day, I informed Rustblade of my plans and we made our way down to Queens Quay to explore the tunnel.

We made our quick descent into the tunnels from the street, following the large ramp usually occupied by streetcars. Pushing back some plastic covers set up by the construction workers, stretching over the entire entrance, we found ourselves standing on the streetcar tracks within the tunnel. We pulled out our cameras and began to make a slow, cautious trip towards the Queens Quay platforms, unaware of whether we were alone in the tunnels or not. Approaching Queens Quay, we noticed the entire area was monitored rather ineffectively by two security cameras, mounted on opposing sides of the platforms. Stopping only briefly for a few photos, we continued further onward into the tunnels, passing a small alcove containing a ladder which led to a manhole somewhere further above us; we could only assume it led up to Bay Street.

Further on into the tunnels, with many photos along the way, we came to a rather large opening between the tracks, just south of Union. Here we found a decaying ladder, and a few locked doors leading to what we assumed to be maintenance rooms. We then slowly made our way past the Union platform, amazed that we were unable to find a single security camera at platform level. Having traveled from one end of the LRT tunnel to the other, we decided to call it a night and make our way back to Queens Quay. As we walked up the ramp to street level, I noticed a bus approaching that could easily spot us, so I quickly ran over to the side of the ramp wall and ducked, waiting for the bus to pass by us. Not wanting to wait around to see if the driver had spotted us or not, we reached the street and walked for a bit. Having had such a successful exploration, we decided to call it an evening and went our own ways.