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Fri, Nov 4th, 2005
posted by Logan
Our first trip

DriverDan, Brind, Brind's roommate, and I visited earlier this week. From above ground it didnt look very big and we were a little disappointed. We got in through the gate and looked around for a way into the building. The first few doors were closed but then we found one that was sitting wide open. We went downstairs first and soon discovered that the basement of this place is huge. It is like a maze. And pretty much nothing was removed. Paperwork was everywhere, equipment, everything. Some of the areas were a little flooded but the water wasnt very high(I would recommend boots, I had to carry Brind's roommate across one of the areas because he had running shoes on =).

Air quality was BAD. We didnt have respirators(stupid us). Brind said he had a headache and a sore throat after, and I spent the whole next day with a sore throat.

We realized that this will definitely have to be a two or more day exploration because of the size of the place. By the time we left the basement(I dont think we even looked at all of it) a few hours had already gone by. We decided to get a change of scenery and headed upstairs. We went out on the roof for a little fresh air and headed back inside. There were a few pigeons around but not too many. We were on the top floor looking at porn that was on the floor (there was pages of porn everywhere) when Brind and I heard something downstairs. It was a guy talking, possibly more than one. Brind and I heard it at the same time and told the others to quiet down. Right after the talking there was some clunking that may have been footsteps. We listened for a while but only heard some movement that sounded as if it was a pigeon. DriverDan and Brind's roommate probably think Brind and I are crazy, but we are sure we heard talking.

We decided to get out butts out of there. On the way out I was constantly pointing my light back down the huge hallways, half expecting a guy to be standing there stairing at us. We were soon out and gone.

I cant wait to go back for more pictured, only got a few. Next time I will def bring a respirator with me. It was definately a fun trip and I would recommend it, although there is tons of toxic crap everywhere.


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