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Location DB > Canada > Ontario > Whitby > Whitby Psychiatric Hospital > Mr. Skelly Returns to Whitby (and meets a girl)

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Thu, Aug 18th, 2005
posted by Agent Skelly
Mr. Skelly Returns to Whitby (and meets a girl)

As I was saying in the BCT story I created, I was going to the GTA to meet a girl that found me on UER, emotionless.

NB as compensation for me chaffeuring her around Buffalo, gave me money for a fare to Toronto so I can at least catch a GO Train to Whitby where she lives.

We get to the Bus Terminal after the BCT. NB suggested I park in this one place on the street and said "Its OK, there's not a NO PARKING sign" Which was true, but I will explain that later.

We get inside the terminal, I but my ticket for the 7:15 Greyhound bus to Toronto, then decided to go change my clothes in the bathroom. I walk out and NB was like "Wow, your looking snazzy" because I was wearing nice dress pants and a nice dress shirt. My response was "got to look nice for a girl".

We ended up talking for a bit before the bus came. She told me she arrived the night before at the station and spent the night sleeping in the terminal, which apparently was colder at night and there was a couple arguing about something stupid. If she was telling me she was arrriving the night before, I would drove out the day before and let her sleep at my great grandmother's house.

Anyways, our bus is ready to board and we get on. About 10 minutes later we get to the Peace Bridge Canada Customs Crossing. We all get off the bus and go through customs.

The CBSA agent asked me the standard questions, and presented my passport.

She asked the following questions:

CBSA: Nationality?
Me: United States
CBSA: Where you going to?
Me: Whitby, Ontario
CBSA: For what reason?
Me: Visiting girlfriend
CBSA: Bringing any gifts?
Me: No, not this time.
CBSA: Well your the gift. Ok your good to go.

So then I walked out the door and boarded the bus again.

We had everyone cleared customs in about 10 mintues and we were on our way. NB fell asleep somwhere around Niagara Falls but I was wide awake and very excited to meet e-less.

NB woke as were driving by Oakville on the 401. She asks me "Where are we?" and I said with some excitment "Oakville" and she looked at me and could very tell I was excited.

We arrived at the Toronto Coach Terminal ahead of schedule. NB directed me to the Dundas TTC station that I could take to the Union GO Station.

NB gave me some Canadian coins (which I find annoying) for the Subway. I pay the booth guy then get on the train platform and wait for the next train to Union.

I watched those plasma TVs that show the news and what not and noticed the ticker said "Water Poisoning in Albany NY" and I chuckled.

The Train came and I hopped on. About 3 stops later I was union. Crossed from the TTC side to the GO Transit side.

I realized I was about 30 minutes early before e-less was going to meet there at the GO station, so I went over to the McDonalds and got something to eat. I ordered the Quarter Pounder Value Meal and paid it with my Visa Debit Card but, the person for the first 3 swipes forgot to hit the Visa button on the register. I then sat down at where e-less said to meet her and ate my dinner.

I get a text message from e-less's sister that says "Where are u?" and I said "By the Cinnabon" which she responds "She says she can't see you, go over to the payphones."

So I do and sure enough, there's e-less. She then gave me money as a cortesty for the GO train to Whitby and I went and got a ticket. We then noticed the readerboard for the GO Trains hasn't listed a track for the Lakeshore East train yet, so waited for about 10 minutes when it said "Track 3" so went to track 3, waited 10 more minutes then got on the train when it pulled up.

It was an hour to Whitby, then had to take the Whitby Transit "Night Shuttle" to her appartment, which took a while. We got in I think at 1 AM.

We stayed up until like 2:30 AM talking then went to her bed. Woke up the next morning around 10 AM. I met her 4-year old daughter Jade around 11 AM, which is quite a funny little girl. We all got dressed and then went out to see the famous Whitby Psych as it was being demoed.

We took Whitby Transit there and had to transfer to another bus that took us to the WPH. We got off and started walking around. At first I could not figure out what buildings were what then I realized what there. I was quite horrifed to see the Rec Hall in ruins!

We kept walking stopping to take pictures and all then got to the very far end towards the new psych when the rent-a-cop from the new psych said "You can take pictures of the ruins, but the new psych for privacy reasons". Makes me wonder if a celebrity is there at the moment detoxing.

We got done taking photos, then decided to catch a movie at the theater at the Oshawa Mall. The funny thing is the bus going back to downtown Whitby is at the Active Psych, so me, e-less and Jade were all standing at the bus stop at the front of the psych with the looney people. Now, these people aren't your methodone clinic type of crazy people, no sir, these people clearly were in there at one point.

The bus came, picked us up, and we were in downtown Whitby in no time to catch the bus to the Oshawa Mall.

We got to the Oshawa Mall, got tickets and snacks for the movie. It isn't important what movie we saw, but the fact that the storm started to hit the Durham region, so during the movie, the power would go out time to time, but we did the finish the movie and we got vouchers for a refund or a another movie.

When we got outside, it was pouring rain like Lake Ontario was being poured on us. We made a ran for it to the bus shelter where about 10 minutes later, a bus came to pick us up. Unfortunatly, we got the one of the few remaming older Whtiby Transit buses that leak water in the interior.

We got off in Whitby near the Pizza Pizza near e-less's apartment and got some pizza. We walk into the door of the place clearly soaking wet clothes and the cleak asks us "Its raining out there?" very seriously. They oddly had the only working Interac terminal out of all the pizza places in Whitby.

We then get back to E-less apartment building to discover that side of the town has no power. So e-less ended up talking to the people in the apartment complex introducing me to people, including her mother. The power was back around 8 PM, so we went up stairs, watched some TV, talked with people on UER, put jade to bed, etc.

The next day we went to the TO UE meet, which you can read that part of the story under the "Battery Park / Massey Fergusson" LDB entry.


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