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Fri, Aug 19th, 2005
posted by Agent Skelly
Driving Miss Nightbird

I decided to help out Nightbird by driving out to Buffalo to chaffeur to job interviews on August 18th, because I need to go in the direction of Buffalo for a reason I will explain later.

I got on the NYS Thruway at 9 AM and arrived in Buffalo around noon. Once I got past the Willamsville Toll Barrier, I gave NB a call and found out where was she waiting, which happens to be over by ECC. So I drove over there, picked her up and we went looking for somewhere to have lunch.

She saw a IHOP and really wanted to go there, so we did.

After lunch, NB's last interview of the day was in East Aurora so I drove her there and took a small nap in my car for the hour she was in there. When she got out she told me that the interview was for a billing position, which is something she does not do.

Anyways, so we get back in to the city of Buffalo and find the BCT. UER Member "elegant" who's a member of BCT Preservation Group told us they are having a meeting at the BCT at 5 PM and that we could explore while they have the meeting.

I drive up and I see other people have pulled up for the meeting, then we spot what the two of think is elegant sure enough it was her so we went inside.

The first thing we notice is there's some people walking around and one of them asks us if we are visitors and we say we are and that person tells us to sign in the guest book, which we both did.

We then walked into whats called the "Grand Hall" which I thought it was really neat.

As I was taking photos, something seem quite familiar with the layout of the building. Then it occured to me, the station layout is the same as the built-in-1998 Albany-Renesslaer Train
Station. Albany-Renesslaer has the same layout with a grand hall and a skyway to the train platforms below.

After we wander around the grand hall, we went over to the side halls. Climbed over the barrier in one area and found what was the men's bathroom. The urnials were in tact and about it.

We then wander over to where the cafe was at one point and find a big dark room with the cafe counter or where it was visible through the sunlight then walk over to the kitchen. What was interesing there was ancient typewriter on the table and the remains of the fridge for sandwitches and what not.

We then wander over to where the luggage check and the gift shop was and of course find nothing.

We then decided to go up the level above and see if we can get to the higher parts of the place without the meeting group noticing. We use the stairs that are open to the former office area and find out its used for a art display. We also find the preservation group has for the first time in a while have a partially working bathroom in the BCT. They also have lights in this area. But unfortunatly, the stairway to the upper levels than the one we were on was blocked off.

NB told me since she didn't like the idea people here while we try to contiune to explore, we decided to spend the rest of the time at the train platforms out back.

So we went out the front door and took the side path that goes around the back that goes down to the street level. Walking around, we see plenty of grafiti on the lower level exterior walls that again, does not make any sense to me.

We get around the corner to a actual back. You can see the reason why they got rid of the skyway to the overhead waiting area for the train platforms was for the double stacked train cars that go through on the two active tracks.

NB immedially spotted this plant and pulled out a ground and explained to me that its eddible incause you stuck in the woods because Mutt or somebody told her that.

We keep walking some more and take photos of the interesting things we see. NB find a vintage "NO PARKING" sign and takes a photo of that.

We walk across the active tracks to the train platforms then spot a hole in the fence around the stairways to the upper waiting area. We both go under the fence then go upstairs.

Again, I was suprised this is just like Albany-Renessaler with this overhead walkway that acts like a waiting area. There was some rather odd grafiti like a Puerto Rico flag and something tag about the Rolling Stones in 1984. And some seats smashed up, of course.

We then decided to leave since, NB and me had to at the Buffalo Bus Terminal in time to catch the 7:15 PM Greyhound Bus to Toronto.

Yes, thats right I am going to Toronto myself, to meet a girl on UER that found me because of my post sig. We've been chatting on MSN and UER for like 2 weeks now and we are very much interested in each other and dedcided to meet. You can read the rest of the UE-related story in the Whitby Psych LDB page.


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