After Hours
Sun, Aug 21st, 2005
posted by Explorer Zero

Last call people you don't have to go home but you cant stay here.

So where do you go after the UTEX meet and greet event is over the they're shuttin down the bar? The Haunted Fun Factory of course. This place is certainly different at night but still no ghosts. As we approached the building I advised my wingman coffinail that I had seen a little evidence of vagrant occupation but nothing recent. As we silently cleared each room in the office one by one the silence was broken by a loud "holy shit come check this out"! Coffinail had struck pay dirt. A hobo's squat!

In what was an empty office was now a fully furnished crash pad that had been added since my last visit. I thought I would to have to restrain senor nail as he dove in and started checking out all the bum artifacts and documents. Too bad we couldnt get that hobo's micro-cassette recorder to work because who knows what sort of narrative may have been on it. We did feel it was appropriate to leave written a note just to let the squatter know we dropped in for a visit.