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Location DB > Hong Kong > Hong Kong Island > Wan Chai > Wan Chai Apartment Building > Wan Chai Apartments > Dsc00746.jpg

6 / 10   Dsc00746.jpg

Old photo studio floor.

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Posted by TurboZutek 9/22/2004 5:25 PM | remove
  I was puzzled by the english on the envelope for a second.. Then I rememebered - Hong Kong was once part of the UK was it not ?
Posted by metalwitch40 10/1/2004 8:57 PM | remove
  UM I think so, but don't quote me.
Posted by rainman8889 10/4/2004 8:26 AM | remove
  It was but was handed back to China (if I'm correct) July 1, 1997 when the lease expired.
Posted by greywolf45 11/10/2004 10:19 AM | remove
  It was a British base of some kind.
Posted by rainman8889 11/11/2004 1:02 AM | remove
  That and a colony if memory serves me right.
Posted by Beryl 12/8/2004 3:43 PM | remove
  Yes, a colony until 1997, and until 2057 it is part of a special agreement that gives it lots of seperation from the rest of China. They have their own currency, immigration, and legal system, for example. They even drive on the left.
Posted by underdark 3/17/2005 11:55 PM | remove
  I watched on TV. As the Royal yatch pulled out, armed troops marched in. It was really freaky to watch.
Posted by rainman8889 3/23/2005 1:42 AM | remove
  Yeah, I know what you mean underdark. I watched it too and thought about Tiannemen square.
Posted by SnakeCorp 4/30/2005 9:07 PM | remove
  Britain originally gained control of Hong Kong in 1842, after winning the First Opium Wars against China. Later, in 1860, the British actually invaded China (!) and captured Peking, forcing the Chinese to cede both the Kowloon Peninsula & the New Territories, which were added to the territory of Hong Kong. Later on, Hong Kong was badly damaged during World War II. Aftter the war ended, the combination of detached British rule and Chinese entrepreneurialism led to it becoming one of the world's most successful economies.
Posted by IIVQ 7/31/2005 12:17 PM | remove
  I wonder how many traffic accidents will happen on July 1st 2057 :-P

In Sweden they once changed driving direction overnight.The change took place in the early Sunday morning at 5:00 on the 3rd of September 1967. (see
Posted by maxt 10/17/2005 4:32 PM | remove
  That would be quite annoying. No one would be able to easily see around the car in front of them!
Posted by ahsun 1/20/2006 7:00 PM | remove
  ^ HAHAHA, you goof, the driver is on the right-hand side of the vehicle over there.
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