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Location DB > Canada > Ontario > Hamilton > Stelco Wellington Works > Day Trip > DSCN2400.JPG

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Posted by Guy With Hat 3/2/2004 2:27 AM | remove
  The way we found this room is what made it cool.
Posted by The Lost Flock 3/2/2004 3:01 AM | remove
  And the way we coulda found it makes us dumb.
Posted by Guy With Hat 3/2/2004 3:05 AM | remove
  Well, sorta. But you gotta admit, getting in was fun.
Posted by Wanderlust 3/2/2004 7:05 AM | remove
  We were ninja badasses. Except for that brick that fell. BONG!
Posted by Pouch 3/2/2004 2:58 PM | remove
  My Brick! I miss that brick... *sniffle*
Posted by The Lost Flock 3/3/2004 12:56 AM | remove
  Definately the coolest entrance we made in the whole place!
Posted by Wanderlust 3/3/2004 7:26 AM | remove
  I think we owe it to our adoring public to detail how we got in...

POTlan or LostFlock, I forget which, found a little hole in a wall, which led to a tiny little antechamber. There was a hole in the floor of said chamber just barely large enough to fit me and Pouch through.

The hole was just above a large cylindrical tank. To get down we had to slide onto the curved side of the cylinder, crouch and scoot over to some insulated pipes, and then carefully clamber down to the catwalk.

We were all pretty stoked about finding such a cool room in such ninja-esque fashion, until we discovered the large, obvious yellow doors that led to the room where we'd entered the building. We'd just totatlly missed it. We fellt like utter dumbasses.
Posted by Wanderlust 3/3/2004 7:26 AM | remove
  Final note: I'm pretty sure Av took this pic from the top of the tank we landed on. Amd I right?
Posted by Guy With Hat 3/4/2004 12:59 AM | remove
  Boy, when that brick landed, I nearly shit... uh... a brick.
Posted by The Lost Flock 3/4/2004 2:32 AM | remove
  Well, in our defence the yellow doors were completely brown and wall coloured on the side we saw them from initially. So it's not all out fault.
Posted by Guy With Hat 3/4/2004 5:10 PM | remove
  Who cares? The way we got in was much cooler.
Posted by Guy With Hat 3/7/2004 8:18 PM | remove
  On a more recent trip, we found that access to this room also gives you access to a very useful stretch of roof.
Posted by Hi/Po 12/5/2006 10:47 PM | remove
  Maybe it was better that the door was there. It sounds like it would have sucked to get out of there (back through the hole).
Posted by littleoldlady 10/16/2014 5:37 PM | remove
  If you were meant to have seen those doors before you tried to enter, you would have seen them. What a great adventure!!
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