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Location DB > Canada > Ontario > Whitby > Whitby Psychiatric Hospital > Random Winter Pics - Feb '04 > Power House

1 / 29   Power House

Flashes are bright.
This a friend of mine; we're all standing around in the power house smoking a hoolie.

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Posted by brad2 3/2/2004 7:55 PM | remove
  Thanks, if I was 5-0 I could try to recognize you and catch you very easily.
Posted by sheps 3/2/2004 8:49 PM | remove
  Haha what? Recognize her? Where? The next time we're there? He doesn't need to recognize anyone if they catch us there; we're already caught.
You people love to make it sound as if other people have done something stupid on this board without thinking that, perhaps, this is a rather low risk thing to do?
Posted by NoSuchPerson 3/3/2004 8:14 AM | remove

They can't arrest you after the fact. The only way they can nail you for tresspassing is if they actually find you on property.

They can only arrest after the fact for indictable offences -- tresspassing is not, it's a civil charge. You could call the police and say "Guess what! I went to Whitby and was in the buildings for 3 hours, ignoring every no trespassing sign I saw!" They'd probably just laugh. Or maybe arrest you for being a few fries short of a happy meal at the worst :P


Posted by The Hunter 3/7/2004 11:37 PM | remove
  Some people have a lot to learn about the law. I own property just past Peterborough and I was getting tired of people dumping garbage so I intalled a motion detector set to turn on my camcorder wich was set in a window. When I went up the following weekend I reviewed the tape (lots of false triggers with wildlife) ans low and behold some bozo backing his trailer down beside the old storage garage and dumping it. Furtunatly it even got his plate number. I called the cops and he was charged AND convicted of tresspasing and illegal dumping and ordered to clean it up plus pay a fine. So, for the people that think you cant be charged after the fact for something small you may just get a surprise one day if you are not careful.
Posted by TurboZutek 3/8/2004 12:58 AM | remove
  Remember also - if this place burns down five minutes after your vist... Who will they come looking for ?? Who's photo might they have ??

Posted by sheps 3/8/2004 6:29 PM | remove
  Fortunately, it did not burn down in between when I took the picture and posted it.

Besides, how would they know when this picture was taken? What would make them think it's her? More importantly, how the hell would they know who she is?
Posted by sheps 3/8/2004 7:54 PM | remove
  I defy any of you to find me one, just one, case of someone in Canada being charged, let alone convicted, of trespassing (and nothing else; no vandalism, dumping, or other law-breaking occured here) due to their own photos.

Go ahead.
Posted by TurboZutek 3/10/2004 10:49 PM | remove
  Who cares ??? Just trying to put forward an argument for censoring the pic - I agree it's unlikely to ever be a problem..

I don't censor my pics at all.. But then where I am UE is not illegal.

Your pics - your choice. :)
Posted by greywolf45 3/12/2004 5:21 AM | remove
  There is always the possibility that someone would recognize the person in the picture.Better to be safe than sorry.
Posted by NoSuchPerson 3/12/2004 2:35 PM | remove
  You cannot be charged after the fact for trespassing.


Dumping garbage is something that can net you a Mischeif charge. That's a criminal code violation. Trespassing is a civil charge, not criminal. You cannot be charged "after the fact" for a civil violation, only a criminal one.

Posted by TechnoTed 3/16/2004 3:29 AM | remove
  Reuben O'Reilly has been recognized by security at the WPH. As crazy as it sounds...
Posted by Reuben O Reilley 3/20/2004 3:34 AM | remove
  true dat but they couldn;t charge me because of it.
Posted by TechnoTed 3/29/2004 4:53 AM | remove
  Could so!
Posted by sheps 3/31/2004 3:44 PM | remove
  If they could of, why didn't they? If they can but didn't, what is there to worry about then anyways?
Posted by Reuben O Reilley 4/1/2004 12:00 AM | remove
  good call sheps
Posted by TechnoTed 4/2/2004 4:43 AM | remove
  Whoa, man! That ghost has no eyes!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!
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