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Posted by Snarg 1/12/2004 7:08 AM | remove
  Not a single smile. Looks like it was a fun party...
Posted by TurboZutek 1/12/2004 9:59 AM | remove
  Yeah... I wonder who was disturbed more deeply ? Patients or staff ?
Posted by TechnoTed 1/12/2004 12:50 PM | remove
  If you'll notice, in many older photos people very rarely smiled. I think it was improper or disrespectful or something
Posted by TurboZutek 1/14/2004 11:25 AM | remove
  Stupid Victorians !! :-D
Posted by TechnoTed 1/14/2004 11:44 AM | remove
  lol You said it, brother!
Posted by manitou 1/14/2004 10:49 PM | remove
  Whitby Psych was built in 1919, so technically they're Edwardians, not Victorians
Posted by TurboZutek 1/15/2004 8:29 PM | remove
  Oh... Then... Stupid Edwardians!! The idea of not smiling in photos was I think instilled by the victorians.. At least, they didn't smile either !! ahhaha!!
Posted by Reuben O Reilley 1/18/2004 1:39 PM | remove
  They didn;t smile cuz the camera took so long to take the pic. no use holding a pose for 3 minutes
Posted by TechnoTed 1/19/2004 4:00 AM | remove
  That's a lousy excuse... I enjoy holding a smile for hours on end... don't knock it till you've tried it!
Posted by Samurai 1/20/2004 5:07 AM | remove
  old pics like these give me the creeps. Not sure why...

Posted by Pouch 1/21/2004 3:26 AM | remove
  The creepist part of this photo is how "surprised" some of the patients look.
Posted by Reuben O Reilley 1/21/2004 5:44 PM | remove
  haha okay I am gonna hold a smile for 10 minutes and stand in the midle of a hallway at UofT see what hapens...i'll keep you posted
Posted by Redrose 2/4/2004 3:42 AM | remove
  how can you tell the patients from the staff they all look the same :)
Posted by nellie27 4/7/2004 7:28 PM | remove
  Where did you get this picture? If you can't tell me, then that is okay but I don't understand why not. I would love to see them to make sure this was actually taken at teh WPH and not some other place.
Posted by Raider 4/7/2004 8:47 PM | remove
  Wasn't the Psych build in 1916.. It says that on building 19 and 20. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Posted by manitou 4/11/2004 7:42 AM | remove
  Yeah, it was 1916, my mistake.
Posted by nellie27 4/11/2004 5:01 PM | remove
  Actuallyk, it started being built in 1913 by prisoners from a guelph prison.
Posted by Raider 4/11/2004 5:22 PM | remove
  Ooo nellie is full of information :P
Posted by Myrkur 6/21/2004 9:24 PM | remove
  This must have been a pretty creepy christmas party... Thats when they bust out the EST machine to entertain guests...
Posted by mohavewolfpup 3/14/2005 10:47 PM | remove
  Generally alot of the time, people did not smile because they are hiding bad teeth.

this was fairly common way back when...
Posted by Daddy-o 3/15/2005 1:21 AM | remove
  yea really who did like take this pic and how could they post it like it was soo long ago?? creepy!!
Posted by bored_being 6/28/2007 6:00 AM | remove
  The first nurse has a half smile, and her teeth look ok
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