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5 Houses of Tisdale  
Abandoned Restaurant  
Airport Tick House  
Beach Road Manor  
Big Black Thing  
Brow Infirmary  
Connaught Bowling & Billiards  
Consumers Glass  
Continuing Care Centre  
D&D Auto Sales  
Delta Bingo Hall  
Dofasco Active  
Dofasco Building  
E.D. Smith House  
Firestone Boiler House  
Firestone Building  
Garage On Hwy. 6  
Green Gables  
Hamilton Church of Chris  
Hamilton Convention Centre  
Hamilton Thistle Club  
Hertz Rental Facility  
Highway 53 House  
Hillcrest School  
Hwy. 6 House  
Junk House  
Kia of Hamilton  
Lyric Theatre  
Marvel School of Beauty  
Mount Royal Condos  
Old CHML Radio Transmiter Station  
Prince of Wales  
Queen Victoria School  
Rapid Graphic  
Right House  
Run Rite Auto  
Scott Park Secondary School  
Smart-Turner Building  
St. Deny's  
St. Lenny's  
Stelco No. 2 Rod Mill  
Stelco Wellington Works  
Suntan Solariums  
TB Sanatorium  
TH&B Hunter St. Tunnel  
The Butty House  
The Skyway  
Timothy Canadian Reformed School  
Tweedside Church  
Tweedsmuir Middle School  
Uli's Stairs & Surrounding Area  
Victor K. Copps Trade Centre / Arena  
Woodward Ave. House